Supplement 2,  Volume 19,  2009
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Current Topics in Allergy




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Alergológica 2005. Methodological Aspects and Sample Characteristics of the Study
F Caballero Martínez
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Epidemiology of Allergic Rhinitis in Allergy Consultations in Spain: Alergológica-2005
A Navarro, C Colás, E Antón, J Conde, I Dávila, MT Dordal, B Fernández-Parra, MD Ibáñez, M. Lluch-Bernal, V Matheu, J Montoro, C Rondón, MC Sánchez, A Valero (Rhinoconjunctivitis Committee of the SEAIC).
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Asthma in Alergológica-2005
S Quirce

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Epidemiology, healthcare, resources, use and clinical features of different types of urticaria. Alergológica 2005
M Ferrer
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Epidemiologic, Clinical and Socioeconomic Factors of Atopic Dermatitis in Spain: Alergológica-2005
A Martorell Aragonés, R Félix Toledo, A Martorell Calatayud , JC Cerdá Mir
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Contact Dermatitis: Alergológica-2005
D Muñoz Lejarazu
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Food Allergy in Alergológica-2005
M Fernández Rivas
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The Epidemiology of Drug Allergy-Related Consultations in Spanish Allergology Services: Alergológica-2005
P M Gamboa
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Epidemiologic Observations on Hymenoptera Allergy in Spain: The Alergológica-2005 Study
L Marqués, A Vega, E Muñoz, A Moreno-Ancillo
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Significance of Infrequent and Unspecific Pathologies Recorded in the Spanish Survey Alergológica-2005
A Moreno-Ancillo, C Domínguez Noche, A Gil Adrados, PM Cosmes Martín
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Allergy in Patients Under Fourteen Years of Age in Alergológica 2005
MD Ibáñez, JM Garde
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