Issue 7,  Volume 23,  2013
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Recommendations for the Use of In Vitro Methods to Detect Specific Immunoglobulin E: Are They Comparable?
MJ Goikoetxea, ML Sanz, BE García, C Mayorga, N Longo, PM Gamboa, and the members of the Immunology Committee of SEAIC
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Continual Medical Education (1.3 credits)
   Original Articles

Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms of TNFA and IL1 in Allergic Rhinitis
R Nasiri, A Akbar Amirzargar, M Movahedi, A Hirbod-Mobarakeh, E Farhadi, N Behniafard, M Tavakkol, B Ansaripour, B Moradi, A Zare, N Rezaei
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Occupational Allergy to Aquarium Fish Food: Red Midge Larva, Freshwater Shrimp, and Earthworm. A Clinical and Immunological Study
J Meseguer Arce, IM Sánchez-Guerrero Villajos, V Iraola, J Carnés, E Fernández Caldas
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Tolerability of a New Fast Updosed Immunologically Enhanced Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Formulation With an Optimized Allergen to Adjuvant Ratio Under Routine Practice Conditions: A Noninterventional Observational Study
B Hauswald, H Wolf, F Becker, S Becker, J Schnitker, E Wüstenberg
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Evaluation and Comparison of Commercially Available Latex Extracts for Skin Prick Tests
MF Gabriel, P Tavares-Ratado, CM Peixinho, AM Romeira, L Taborda-Barata, I Postigo, J Martínez, CT Tomaz
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Polymorphisms of the IL12B, IL1B, and TNFA Genes and Susceptibility to Asthma
J Padrón-Morales, C Sanz, I Dávila, F Muñoz-Bellido, F Lorente, M Isidoro-García
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A New Therapy (MP29-02) Is Effective for the Long-Term Treatment of Chronic Rhinitis
D Price, S Shah, S Bhatia, C Bachert, W Berger, J Bousquet, W Carr, P Hellings, U Munzel, G Scadding, P Lieberman
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 Practitioner’s Corner

Acute Abdomen in a Patient With Homozygous Type I Hereditary Angioedema: Rapid Improvement in Computed Tomography Scans After C1 Inhibitor Replacement
I Jáuregui Presa, M Varona Peinador, M Pérez Bea, MC Espallargas Ruiz-Ogarrio, PM Gamboa Setién, E García Lirio, AM Soriano Galarraga, I Antépara Ercoreca, M Martínez Ortiz de Zárate

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Changes in the Prevalence of Asthma and Chronic Rhinitis in Valencia, Spain: The ORBA Project 1983-2003
A Campos, JV Castelló, R. Alamar, M Enguidanos

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Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Linguistic Validation of the Spanish Version of the Drug Hypersensitivity Quality of Life Questionnaire
G Gastaminza, M Herdman, I Baiardini, F Braido, M Corominas

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Cit s 3 as an Occupational Aeroallergen in an Orange Farmer
MD de las Marinas, R Felix, C Martorell, JC Cerda, B Bartolome, A Martorell

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Basophil Activation Test Is a Useful Tool in Occupational Asthma Due to Iroko Wood
MD de las Marinas, C Martorell, A Martorell, JC Cerdá, R Felix, M Guaita, ML Sanz

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Churg-Strauss Syndrome in a Patient Treated With Omalizumab
C Cisneros, G Segrelles, L Herráez, A González, A Matínez, R Girón

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Bleeding and Shock in a 44-Year-Old Woman With Systemic Mastocytosis
A Moreno-Ancillo, AC Gil-Adrados, C Domínguez-Noche, J Jurado-Palomo

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Omalizumab Treatment in 2 Cases of Refractory Heat Urticaria
F Carballada, R Nuñez, J Martín-Lázaro, Y Juárez, I Castiñeira, L Fernández, M Boquete

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