Issue 2,  Volume 20,  2010
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Urban Air Pollution and Climate Change as Environmental Risk Factors of Respiratory Allergy: An Update
G D’Amato, L Cecchi, M D’Amato, G Liccardi
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In Vitro Diagnosis of Immediate Allergic Reactions to Drugs: An Update
C Mayorga, ML Sanz, PM Gamboa, BE García, on behalf of the Clinical Immunology Committee of the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology of the SEAIC (MT Caballero, JM García, M Labrador, C Lahoz, N Longo Areso, M López Hoyos, J Martínez Quesada, FJ Monteseirín)
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   Original Articles

Basophil Activation Can Predict Clinical Sensitivity in Patients After Venom Immunotherapy
P Kucera, M Cvackova, K Hulikova, O Juzova, J Pachl,
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Outdoor Allergenic Fungal Spores: Comparison Between an Urban and a Rural Area in Northern Portugal
M Oliveira, H Ribeiro, L Delgado, J Fonseca, MG Castel-Branco, I Abreu
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Microarrays of Recombinant Hevea brasiliensis Proteins: A Novel Tool for the Component-Resolved Diagnosis of Natural Rubber Latex Allergy
H Ott, C Schröder, M Raulf-Heimsoth, V Mahler, C Ocklenburg, HF Merk, JM Baron
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Increased Total and Mite-Specific Immunoglobulin E in Patients With Aspirin-Induced Urticaria and Angioedema
M Sánchez-Borges, N Acevedo, L Caraballo, A Capriles-Hulett, F Caballero-Fonseca
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Randomized Open Comparison of Montelukast and Sublingual Immunotherapy as Add-on Treatment in Moderate Persistent Asthma Due to Birch Pollen
M Marogna, F Colombo, I Spadolini, A Massolo, D Berra, P Zanon, E Chiodini, Giorgio Walter Canonica, G Passalacqua
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 Case Report

Transfusion-Associated Graft-Versus- Host Disease in Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
S Sebnem Kilic, S Kavurt, S Balaban Adim

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Study of Cross-Reactivity Between Proton Pump Inhibitors
MT Sobrevia Elfau, M Garcés Sotillos, L Ferrer Clavería, N Segura Arazuri, S Monzón Ballarín, C Colás Sanz

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Kounis Syndrome: Report of 5 Cases
V Gázquez, G Dalmau, P Gaig, C Gómez, S Navarro, J Mercé

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A Case of Famotidine-Induced Anaphylaxis
YI Kim, CK Park, DJ Park, JO Wi, ER Han, YI Koh

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 Practitioner’s Corner

Immunoglobulin E–Mediated Severe Anaphylaxis to Paclitaxel
A Prieto García, F Pineda de la Losa

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Nonirritating Concentration for Skin Testing With Cephalosporins
S Testi, M Severino, ML Iorno, S Capretti, G Ermini, D Macchia, P Campi

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Specific Immunoglobulin E as a Valuable Parameter to Minimize the Risk of Anaphylactic Reactions During in Vitro Fertilization
J Martinez, I Postigo, E Suñén, JA Guisantes

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Cinitapride-Induced Exanthema
ML González Gutiérrez, M Rubio Pérez, S Vázquez Cortés, B Martínez González de Lema

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ß-Lactam Hypersensitivity: From Guidelines to Daily Practice
S Campina Costa, M Neto, M Trindade

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 Continual Medical Education Examination

Urban Air Pollution and Climate Change as Environmental Risk Factors of Respiratory Allergy: An Update
Instructions to obtain 0.5 Continuing Medical Education Credits

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