Issue 1,  Volume 17,  2007
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   Original Articles

Production of Leukotriene C4 by Peripheral Blood Leukocytes Stimulated With Anti-FcεRI Antibody, PMA, and fMLP Does Not Correlate With Irreversible Airway Obstruction in Asthmatics
J Liebhart,  W Medrala, U Gladysz, W Barg, E Liebhart, R Dobek, A Dor,  A Kulczak, G Gogolewski, A Bigda, B Panaszek
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Prevalence of Symptoms of Asthma, Rhinitis, and Atopic Eczema in Brazilian Adolescents Related to Exposure to Gaseous Air Pollutants and Socioeconomic Status
D Solé, IC Camelo-Nunes, GF Wandalsen, AC Pastorino, CMA Jacob, C Gonzalez, NF Wandalsen, NA Rosário Filho, GB Fischer, CK Naspitz
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Serum Interleukins 12 and 18 and Immunoglobulin E Concentrations and Allergic Symptoms in Japanese Schoolchildren
M Ando, M Shima
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Inhibition of Cytokine-Induced Expression of T-Cell Cytokines by Antihistamines
MS Ashenager, T Grgela, Y Aragane, A Kawada

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Latex Allergen Sensitization and Risk Factors Due to Glove Use by Health Care Workers at Public Health Units in Florianopolis, Brazil
ZS Buss, TS Fröde
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Applicability of Extracellular Electrical Impedance Tomography in Monitoring Respiratory Tract Inflammation
V Di Rienzo, M Minelli, R Sambugaro, F Agostinis, E Nucera, D Schiavino, G Patriarca
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Prevalence of Artemisia Species Pollinosis in Western Poland: Impact of Climate Change on Aerobiological Trends, 1995–2004
A Stach,  H García-Mozo,  JC Prieto-Baena,  M Czarnecka-Operacz,  D Jenerowicz,  W Silny,  C Galán
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 Case Report

Anaphylaxis Caused by Imported Red Fire Ant Stings in Málaga, Spain
S Fernández-Meléndez,  A Miranda,  JJ García-González,  D Barber,  M Lombardero

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Hypersensitivity to Penicillin V With Good Tolerance to Other β-Lactams
T Linares, C Marcos, M Gavilán, L Arenas

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Selective Immediate Hypersensitivity to Cefepime
E Moreno, I Dávila, E Laffond, E Macías, M Isidoro, A Ruiz, F Lorente

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New Onset Egg Allergy in an Adult
M Ünsel, AZ Sin, Ö Ardeniz, N Erdem, R Ersoy, O Gulbahar, N Mete, A Kokuludag

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Induced Tolerance to Nebulized Colistin After Severe Reaction to the Drug
J Domínguez-Ortega, E Manteiga,  C Abad-Schilling,  MA Juretzcke,  J Sánchez-Rubio,  C Kindelan

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Unilateral Conjunctival Chemosis as a Unique Symptom of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Intolerance
V Fuentes, C de Frutos, M de Barrio, R Barranco, T Herrero, P Tornero

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