Issue 2,  Volume 19,  2009
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Nonimmediate Allergic Reactions Induced by Drugs: Pathogenesis and Diagnostic Tests
MJ Torres, C Mayorga, M Blanca
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   Original Articles

Diagnosis of Immediate-Type ß-Lactam Allergy In Vitro by Flow-Cytometric Basophil Activation Test and Sulfidoleukotriene Production: A Multicenter Study
AL De Weck, ML Sanz, PM Gamboa, W Aberer, G Sturm, MB Bilo, M Montroni, M Blanca, MJ Torres, L Mayorga, P Campi, M Manfredi, M Drouet, J Sainte-Laudy, A Romano, H Merk, JM Weber, TM Jermann, and members of ENDA (European Network for Drug Allergy)
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Allergenic Profile of Nasal Polyposis
F Muñoz del Castillo, A Jurado-Ramos, BL Fernández-Conde, R Soler, MJ Barasona, E Cantillo, C Moreno, F Guerra
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Efficacy and Safety of Desloratadine/ Pseudoephedrine Combination vs Its Components in Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis
RE Grubbe, WR Lumry, R Anolik
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Safety and Tolerability of Seasonal Ultra-rush, High-dose Sublingual- Swallow Immunotherapy in Allergic
Rhinitis to Grass and Tree Pollens: An Observational Study in 193 Children and Adolescents

J Seidenberg, G Battista Pajno, CP Bauer,  La Grutta, J Sieber
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Histopathologic Changes in Two Mouse Models of Asthma
D Olmez, A Babayigit, G Erbil, O Karaman, A Bagriyanik, O Yilmaz, N Uzuner
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Adverse Reactions of Prophylactic Intravenous Immunoglobulin; A 13-Year Experience With 3004 Infusions in Iranian Patients With Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
S Dashti-Khavidaki, A Aghamohammadi, F Farshadi, M Movahedi, N Parvaneh, N Pouladi, K Moazzami, T Cheraghi, SA Mahdaviani, S Saghafi , G Heydari, S Abdollahzade, N Rezaei
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Association Analysis of TIM-1 -232G > A and 5383_5397 Insertion/Deletion Polymorphisms With Childhood Asthma and Total Serum Immunoglobulin E Levels in Middle China
Q Wu, L Hu, P Cai, Y Li, F Chen, L Kong
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Lettuce-Induced Anaphylaxis. Identification of the Allergen Involved
O Bascones, R Rodríguez-Pérez, S Juste, I Moneo, ML Caballero

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 Practitioner’s Corner

Recalcitrant Nasal Polyposis: Achievement of Total Remission Following Treatment With Omalizumab
M Guglielmo, C Gulotta, F Mancini, M Sacchi, F Tarantini

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Benefits of Alpine Mountain Climate of Bavaria in Patients With Allergic Diseases and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Results From the AURA Study
B Eberlein, A Gulyas, K Schultz, J Lecheler, S Flögel, C Wolfmeyer, K Thiessen, S Gass, M Kroiss, J Huss-Marp,1 U Darsow, R Hollweck, T Schuster, H Behrendt, J Ring

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Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Polyethylene Terephthalate Mesh
H-L Lung, L-H Huang, H-C Lin, S-D Shyur

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An Alternative Approach to a Renal Transplant Patient Who Experienced an Immediate Type Systemic Reaction Due to Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate
A Gelincik, H Yazıcı, T Emre, F Yakar, S Buyukozturk

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Immediate-Type Allergic Reaction to Cefuroxime: Cross-Reactivity With Other Cephalosporins, and Good Tolerance to Ceftazidime
S Varela Losada, C González de la Cuesta, M García Álvarez-Eire, C González González

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Monosensitization to Blomia tropicalis: Is Exposure the Only Factor Involved?
A Capriles-Hulett, V Iraola, H Pinto, M Sánchez-Borges, M Daboín-De Veer, E Fernández-Caldas

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