The Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology (J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol) provides an attractive and very active forum for basic and clinical research in allergology and clinical immunology. The journal publishes original works, reviews, short communications and opinions. It is the Official Journal ofthe Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC). The journal will appear bimonthly (6 issues each year). The peer-review system, based on a team of internationally renowned and committed editors, guarantees the scientific quality of the papers.

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2021; volume 31, Issue 6
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Clinical Approach to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: A Practical Overview
Matito A, Escribese MM, Longo N, Mayorga C, Luengo-Sánchez O, Pérez-Gordo M, Matheu V, Labrador-Horrillo M, Pascal M, Seoane-Reula ME, on behalf of the Comité de Inmunología de la Sociedad Española de Alergología e Inmunología Clínica (SEAIC)
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Original Articles

Factors Associated With Asthma Control in 121 Preschool Children
Leiria-Pinto P, Carreiro-Martins P, Peralta I, Marques J, Finelli E, Alves C, Belo J, Alves M, Papoila AL, Neuparth N
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Direct Costs of Acute Rhinosinusitis in Spain: A Prospective and Observational Study (PROSINUS)
Jaume F, Alobid I, Mullol J, Quintó L
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MRGPRX2 and Immediate Drug Hypersensitivity: Insights From Cultured Human Mast Cells
Elst J, Sabato V, Faber MA, Bridts CH, Mertens C, Van Houdt M, Van Gasse AL, Hagendorens MM, Van Tendeloo V, Maurer M, Campillo-Davo D, Timmermans JP, Pintelon I, Ebo DG
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Practitioner's Corner

Short Communications

Where Has All the Nasal Polyposis Gone?
Ortega-Martin L, Betancor D, Barroso B, Valverde-Monge M, Santillan J, Villacampa JM, Sastre J
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Large Local Reactions to Hymenoptera Stings Negatively Affect Quality of Life to the Same Degree as Systemic Reactions
Sánchez-Morillas L, Alfaya Arias T, Martínez San Ireneo M, Domínguez Noche C, Vega Gutierrez JM, Vega Castro A, Moreno Mata E, Marqués L, Fuentes Ferrer M, Ruiz-León B, Hymenoptera Allergy Committee of the SEAIC
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Patterns of Cross-Reactivity in Patients With Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions to Gadobutrol
Gallardo-Higueras A, Moreno EM, Muñoz-Bellido FJ, Laffond E, Gracia-Bara MT, Macias EM, Campanon MV, de Arriba S, Martin C, Sobrino M, Davila I
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Allergic Reactions After Administration of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to Health Care Workers at a Tertiary Hospital
Loli-Ausejo D, González de Abreu JM, Fiandor A, Cabañas R, Domínguez-Ortega F, Caballero ML, Lluch-Bernal M, Rodrigo García-Panto C, Núñez MC, Quirce S
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Case Reports

Severe Anaphylaxis to Murine Antibodies in Sulesomab
Jacobs J, Coorevits L, Verscuren R, Frans G, Schrijvers R, Breynaert C
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Successful Desensitization to Daratumumab After a Severe Life-threatening Reaction in a Patient With Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Carrón-Herrero A, Solano-Solares E, Geraldine Rita C, Rodríguez-Martín E, Ruedas A, Barbolla I, Berges-Gimeno MP
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Unusual Secretion of Eosinophil Mediators Induced by Benralizumab
Cañas JA, Valverde-Monge M, Rodríguez-Nieto M, González-Mangado N, Sastre J, del Pozo V
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First Case of Symmetric Drug-Related Intertriginous and Flexural Exanthema Induced by Meropenem
Blanco Garcia-Granero D, Barranco R, García-Moguel I, Velasco V, Diéguez Pastor MC
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Neutrophilic Generalized Fixed Drug Eruption Induced by Etoricoxib
Vera A, Freih A, Múgica MV, Vega F, Belver MT, Blanco C
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Benralizumab: Resolution of Eosinophilic Pulmonary Vasculitis in a Patient With EGPA
Bormioli S, Vultaggio A, Nencini F, Comin CE, Bercich L, Bezzi M, Vivarelli E, Calosi L, Chiccoli F, Matucci A
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COVID-19 and TEN Treated With IVIG and Total Plasma Exchange: Simultaneous Systemic Treatment for Both Diseases
Krajewski A, Mlynska-Krajewska E, Kaczynska K, Strużyna J, Mazurek MJ
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Hypersensitivity to Covid-19 Vaccine Confirmed by a Positive Skin Test Result: A Case Report
Pérez-Codesido S, Rosado A, Alonso-Díaz-de-Durana MD, Alfaya Arias T, González-Moreno A, Tejedor Alonso MA
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Immediate-Type Hypersensitivity to Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and a PEG-Containing COVID-19 Vaccine Revealed by Intradermal Testing
Pickert J, Hennighausen I, Mühlenbein S, Möbs C, Pfützner W
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Letters to the Editor

Efficacy and Safety of Nemolizumab for Treatment of Adult Atopic Dermatitis
Freemantle N, Piketty C
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A Reply to “Efficacy and Safety of Nemolizumab for Treatment of Adult Atopic Dermatitis”
Lin L, Han Y
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Referral Criteria for Asthma and the Pandemic: New Challenges, New Responses
Delgado Romero J, Núñez Palomo S, Uréndez Ruiz AM, Gómez Ruiz F, Hidalgo Requena A, Álvarez Gutiérrez FJ
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