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2020; volume 30, Issue 2
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Action Plan to Ensure Global Availability of Adrenaline Autoinjectors
Tanno LK, Demoly P, on behalf of the Joint Allergy Academies
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Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions Caused by Drug Excipients: A Literature Review
Caballero ML, Quirce S
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Original Articles

Drug Challenge Tests With General Anesthetics: Predictive Value of Skin Tests
Tornero Molina P, Rojas-Perez-Ezquerra P, Noguerado-Mellado B, Baeza Ochoa de Ocáriz ML, Garrido Sánchez A, Alonso Mateos M, Zubeldia Ortuño JM
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Atopic Dermatitis Phenotypes in Preschool and School-Age Children: A Latent Class Analysis
Galli E, Maiello N, Cipriani F, La Grutta S, Fasola S, Carello R, Caminiti L, Licari A, Landi M, Di Mauro D, Ricci F, Panel of the Italian Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (SIAIP)
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Promoter Genotyping and mRNA Expression - Based Analysis of the PTGDR Gene in Allergy
San Segundo-Val I, García-Sánchez A, Sanz C, Cornejo-García JA, Isidoro-García M, Dávila I
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Molecular Diagnosis in House Dust Mite-Allergic Patients Suggests That Der p 23 Is Clinically Relevant in Asthmatic Children
Jiménez-Feijoo R, Pascal M, Moya R, Riggioni C, Domínguez O, Lózano J, Álvaro-Lozano M, Piquert M, Machinena A, Folque M, Dias M, Carnés J, Plaza AM
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Practitioner’s Corner

Occupational Asthma and Rhinitis due to Yellow and Red Henna in a Hairdresser
Villalobos V, Rial MJ, Pastor-Vargas C, Esteban I, Cuesta J, Sastre J
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Porin: A New Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) Allergen
Betancor D, Nuñez-Borque E, Cuesta-Herranz J, Escudero C, Freundt N, Pastor-Vargas C, Ibañez MD
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Asthma App Use and Interest Among Patients With Asthma: A Multicenter Study
Jácome C, Almeida R, Pereira AM, Araújo L, Correia MA, Pereira M, Couto M, Lopes C, Chaves Loureiro C, Catarata MJ, Santos LM, Ramos B, Mendes A, Pedro E, Cidrais Rodrigues JC, Oliveira G, Aguiar AP, Arrobas AM, Costa J, Dias J, Todo Bom A, Azevedo J, Ribeiro C, Alves M, Pinto PL, Neuparth N, Palhinha A, Marques JG, Martins P, Trincão D, Neves A, Todo Bom F, Santos MA, Branco J, Loyoza C, Costa A, Silva Neto A, Silva D, Vasconcelos MJ, Teixeira MF, Ferreira-Magalhães M, Taborda Barata L, Carvalhal C, Santos N, Sofia Pinto C, Rodrigues Alves R, Moreira AS, Morais Silva P, Fernandes R, Ferreira R, Alves C, Câmara R, Ferraz de Oliveira J, Bordalo D, Calix MJ, Marques A, Nunes C, Menezes F, Gomes R, Almeida Fonseca J, INSPIRERS group
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Asthma, Comorbidities, and Aggravating Circumstances: The GEMA-FORUM II Task Force
Trigueros JA, Plaza V, Domínguez-Ortega J, Serrano J, Cisneros C, Padilla A, Antón Gironés M, Mosteiro M, Martínez Moragón E, Olaguíbel Rivera JM, Delgado J, García Rivero JL, Martínez Rivera C, Garrido JJ, Quirce S, GEMAFORUM Task Force
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Fatal Anaphylactic Shock Induced by Intravenous Gelatin Colloid: A Postmortem Allergological Work-up
Molina-Molina GJ, Carrasco-González MD, Viñas-Giménez L, Sanz-Martínez M, Galván-Blasco P, Luengo O, Guilarte M, Sala-Cunill A, Cardona V, Labrador-Horrillo M
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H1-Antihistamines May No Longer Be Necessary for Patients With Refractory Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria After Initiation of Omalizumab
Ensina LF, Arruda LK, Campos RA, Criado RF, Rodrigues Valle S, Melo JML, Oliveira JCS, Dortas JrSD, Cusato-Ensina AP, Camelo-Nunes IC, Agondi RC
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Exhaled Nitric Oxide (eNO) Measurements With the New evernoa Device Are Valid and Reproducible Through an Extended Range of eNO Levels
Olaguibel A, Oleaga M, Iraola A, Cortaberría R, Corcuera A, Alvarez-Puebla MJ, Tabar A, Ruete L, Botas A, Olaguibel JM
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Desquamating Nonpigmenting Fixed Drug Eruption With Onycholysis due to Amoxicillin in a Child: Cross-reactivity Study
Moya B, Vera A, Bazire R, Betancor D, Rodríguez Del Río P, Escudero C, Ibáñez MD
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A New Terminal Nonsense Mutation of the Cathepsin C Gene in a Patient With Atypical Papillon-Lefèvre Syndrome
Moura AL, Regateiro FS, Peres Resende E, Coimbra Silva H, Gonçalo M, Todo Bom A, Faria E
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Long-Term Treatment With Anti-Interleukin 5 Antibodies in a Patient with Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia
Shimizu Y, Kurosawa M, Sutoh Y, Sutoh E
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