The Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology (J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol) provides an attractive and very active forum for basic and clinical research in allergology and clinical immunology. The journal publishes original works, reviews, short communications and opinions. It is the Official Journal ofthe Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC). The journal will appear bimonthly (6 issues each year). The peer-review system, based on a team of internationally renowned and committed editors, guarantees the scientific quality of the papers.

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2021; volume 31, Issue 5
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Hypersensitivity Reactions to Cancer Chemotherapy: Practical Recommendations of ARADyAL for Diagnosis and Desensitization
Vega A, Jimenez-Rodriguez TW, Barranco R, Bartra J, Diéguez MC, Doña I, Fernández-Rivas M, Gandolfo-Cano M, Gastaminza-Lasarte G, González-Mancebo E, de la Hoz Caballer B, Sánchez-Morillas L, Torres MJ, Berges-Gimeno MP, Muñoz-Cano R
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Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC) Vision of Drug Provocation Tests
Audicana MT, Ortega N, Lobera T, Blanca-López N, De la Parte B, García I, Gelis S, Martín J, Barranco R, Vila C, Laguna JJ, Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Drug Allergy Committee)
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Original Articles

Nailfold Videocapillaroscopy Findings in Bradykinin-Mediated Angioedema
Cesoni Marcelli A, Loffredo S, Petraroli A, Carucci L, Mormile I, Ferrara AL, Spadaro G, Genovese A, Bova M
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Endothelial Dysfunction and Pentraxin-3 in Clinically Stable Adult Asthma Patients
Pacholczak-Madej R, Kuszmiersz P, Iwaniec T, Zaręba L, Zarychta J, Walocha JA, Dropiński J, Bazan-Socha S
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Airborne Food Allergen and Aeroallergen Levels in Health Care Settings: An Unaccounted for but Potentially Relevant Source of Exposure?
Leal M, Paciência I, Farraia M, Cavaleiro Rufo J, Castro Mendes F, Delgado L, Viegas C, Moreira A
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Practitioner's Corner

Short Communications

The Importance of Small Airway Dysfunction in Asthma: The GEMA-FORUM III Task Force
Plaza V, Trigueros JA, Cisneros C, Domínguez-Ortega J, Cimbollek S, Fernández S, Hernández J, López JD, Ojanguren I, Padilla A, Pallarés A, Sánchez-Toril FJ, Torrego A, Urrutia I, Quirce S, GEMA-FORUM task force
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Seasonal Administration of Omalizumab in Patients With Uncontrolled Asthma and Sensitization to Olive Pollen
Serrano P, Navas A, Ruiz-León B, Herrero L, Rondón C, Jurado A, Moreno-Aguilar C
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Impact of Short-Term Exposure to Below Recommended PM10 Pollution Levels on Asthma Exacerbations
Betancourt A, Zapatero A, Pola-Bibian B, Dominguez- Ortega J
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Are the Proton Pump Inhibitor–Responsive and –Nonresponsive Phenotypes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis Exactly the Same?
Gómez Torrijos E, Castro Jimenez A, Gratacós Gómez AR, González Jimenez OM, Joyanes Romo JB, Feo Brito F, Urra Ardanaz JM, Garcia Rodriguez R
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The Burden of Allergens in Surimi-Based Products Diminishes With Industrial Processing
Pedrosa M, Loli-Ausejo D, Garcia-Lozano JR, Fiandor A, Lluch-Bernal M, Hurtado JL, Dominguez-Ortega J, Quirce S, Gasset M, Rodriguez-Perez R
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Case Reports

Oxaliplatin Allergy Is Not Always What It Seems: A Case Report
Farzanegan R, Borrás J, Busquier I, Castelló JV, Torres Gorriz MC, Cervera Aznar R, Enrique E
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Anaphylactic Shock to Lidocaine: A Rare Case With Evaluation of Cross-Reactivity Between Local Anesthetics
Barradas Lopes J, Reis Ferreira A, Sousa MJ, Cadinha S
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Icatibant in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection: A Case Report
Pecori D, Della Siega P, Sozio E, Barbano E, Mazzoran L, Zanichelli A, Sbrana F, Federico I, Bassi F, Fabris M, Vendramin I, Sbrojavacca R, Tascini C
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Nonimmediate Hypersensitivity Reaction to Rifaximin Confirmed With a Drug Challenge Test
Moya B, García-Moguel I, Mielgo R, Herráez L, Crespo JF
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Cross-Reactivity Between Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor Confirmed by Lymphocyte Transformation Test: A Case of Methazolamide-Induced Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
Sohn KH, Kim SH, Kang HR
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Erythema Multiforme After Intake of Risedronate: A Cross-Reactivity Study
Garcia-Nunez I, Algaba-Marmol MA, Castro-Cost C
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Efficacy of Mepolizumab Extended Interval Dosing for 2 Asthmatic Patients With Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia
Sato H, Miyata Y, Inoue H, Tanaka A, Sagara H
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In Memoriam

In Memoriam Javier Monsó

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