The Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology (J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol) provides an attractive and very active forum for basic and clinical research in allergology and clinical immunology. The journal publishes original works, reviews, short communications and opinions. It is the Official Journal ofthe Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC). The journal will appear bimonthly (6 issues each year). The peer-review system, based on a team of internationally renowned and committed editors, guarantees the scientific quality of the papers.

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2024; volume 34, Issue 2
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The Multiple Trajectories of the Allergic March
de las Vecillas L, Quirce S
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Original Articles

Sputum Inflammatory Patterns Are Associated With Distinct Clinical Characteristics in Patients with Occupational Asthma Independently of the Causal Agent
Migueres N, Vandenplas O, Walusiak-Skorupa J, Wiszniewska M, Munoz X, Romero-Mesones C, Suojalehto H, Lindström I, van Kampen V, Merget R, Mason P, Maestrelli P, Sastre J, Quirce S, Rifflart C, Godet J, de Blay F, European network for the PHenotyping of OCcupational ASthma (E-PHOCAS)
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Prevalence, T2 Biomarkers, and Cost of Severe Asthma in the Era of Biologics: The BRAVO-1 Study
Domingo C, Sicras-Mainar A, Sicras-Navarro A, Sogo A, Mirapeix RM, Engroba C
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Airway Reactance Predicts Static Lung Hyperinflation in Severe Asthma
Li YJ, Ko HK, Pan SW, Feng JY, Su KC, Li Y, Yang SN, Hsiao YH, Perng DW
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Practitioner's Corner

Short Communications

Skin Rash During Epstein-Barr Virus–Induced Infectious Mononucleosis in Adolescents and Adults: Incidence, Predisposing Factors, and Prognostic Implications
Páez-Guillán EM, Campos-Franco J, Alende R, Vidal C, Gonzalez-Quintela A
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IL1R2 Gene Expression Is Downregulated in Obesity- Associated Asthma
Bantulà M, Arismendi E, Roca-Ferrer J, Picado C
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Clinical and Molecular Profiles in Patients Allergic to Amaranthaceae
Agulló-García A, Colás Sanz C, Martínez-Lostao L, Salamanca Fernández G, Ferrer Clavería L, Cubero Saldaña JL, Lozano Andaluz SV, Carbajo Martínez E, Villalba Díaz MT
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Peeling the Peanut: Characterizing Peanut Allergy With the New Food Allergy Severity Score
Botelho Alves P, Pires Pereira H, Cardoso Lopes J, Carrapatoso I, Todo-Bom A, Regateiro FS
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Impact of Obesity and Lung Function on the Efficacy of Biological Treatment in Patients With Asthma
Espejo D, Pilia F, Romero-Mesones C, Ojanguren I, Luengo O, Gómez-Domingo MR, Cruz MJ, Muñoz X
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Profile of Patients With Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis and Chronic Urticaria Undergoing Biological Treatment in Hospital Allergy Units in Spain: First Report of the Alergodata Registry
Jáuregui Presa I, Sala-Cunill A, Martí-Garrido J, Nieto Cid M, Corrales Vargas SI, Lizarza Mendizábal S, Asensio Sánchez MT, Ribó González P, Quirce S, Sánchez Hernández MC, Joral Badas A, Vidal C, Antolín-Amérigo D, Veleiro B, Lázaro Sastre M, Alergodata Skin Diseases Study Group
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Hypersensitivity Reactions to the GLP-1 Receptor Agonists Liraglutide and Semaglutide: A Case Series
Barroso B, Gómez-López A, Valverde-Monge M, Betancor D, de las Heras M, Sastre J
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Baseline Clinical Characteristics and Phenoendotypes of Patients With Severe Asthma in Alergodata: The Spanish Allergy Society Registry
Domínguez-Ortega J, Colás C, Delgado Romero J, Habernau Mena A, Montoro Ferrer A, Barranco Sanz P, Prieto Montaño P, Fraj Lázaro J, Galindo Bonilla P, Gil Melcón M, Lluch Bernal MM, González Pérez R, Antolín- Amérigo D, Montoro Lacomba J, Valero Santiago AL, Sanchez-Garcia S, Del Cuvillo A, Alergodata Respiratory Diseases Study Group
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Case Reports

Identification of Allergens in Azuki (Adzuki) Bean Allergy
Kitamura K, Sato N, Nakamura M, Iwawaki Y, Matsui T, Takasato Y, Sugiura S, Matsunaga K, Ito K
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Chemiluminescence-Based IgE Dot-Blot Assay in the Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis Caused by Prontosan
Rodríguez-Pérez R, Del Pozuelo S, Pulido E, Brigido C, Carretero P, Caballero ML
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Immediate Hypersensitivity to Parenteral Corticosteroids Caused by IgE-Mediated Allergy to Carmellose
Galán C, Arrien de Lecea A, Bartolomé Zavala B, Pérez Escalera M, Sánchez de Vicente J
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Dupilumab as Effective Therapy for Corticosteroid- Dependent/Resistant Type 2 Inflammation-Related Cutaneous Adverse Reactions
Shen C, Wu N, Yang L, Wang B, Liu T, Tao J
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