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Oral immunotherapy for food allergy: a spanish guideline. Egg and Milk Immunotherapy Spanish Guide (items guide). Part II

***Martorell A1, **Alonso E2, **Echeverría L3, **Escudero C4, **García-Rodríguez R5, *Blasco C6, *Bone J7, *Borja-Segade J5, *Bracamonte T3, *Claver A8, *Corzo JL9, *De la Hoz B10, *Del Olmo R11, *Dominguez O12 , *Fuentes-Aparicio V13, *Guallar I7, *Larramona H14, *Martín-Muñoz F15, *Matheu V16, *Michavila A17,*Ojeda I18, *Ojeda P18, *Piquer M12, *Poza P16, *Reche M19 ,*Rodríguez del Río P4, *Rodríguez M20, *Ruano F21, *Sánchez-García S4, *Terrados S22, *Valdesoiro L14, *Vazquez-Ortiz M23

Expert panel selected from members of the Spanish Societies of Pediatric Allergology , Asthma and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP) and Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC).
***Coordinator. **Scientific committee (in alphabetical order). *Members (in alphabetical order)
1Department of Allergology. University General Hospital. Valencia.
2Department of Pediatric Allergy. Gregorio Marañón Hospital. Madrid.
3Department of Pediatric Allergy. Severo Ochoa University Hospital. Leganés.
4Department of Pediatric Allergy. Niño Jesús University Children’s Hospital. Madrid.
5Department of Allergology. University General Hospital. Ciudad Real.
6Department of Pediatric Allergy. Vall d’Hebron Hospital. Barcelona.
7Department of Pediatric Allergy. Miguel Servet University Hospital. Zaragoza.
8Quirón Dexeus University Hospital. Barcelona.
9Department of Pediatric Allergy. Carlos Haya University Hospital. Málaga.
10Department of Allergology. Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Madrid.
11Department of Pediatric Allergy. University Hospital. Móstoles.
12Department of Pediatric Allergy. San Joan de Deu Hospital. Barcelona.
13Department of Allergology. San Carlos Clinic Hospital. Madrid.
14Department of Pediatric Allergy. Parc Taulí University Hospital. Sabadell.
15Department of Allergology. La Paz Children’s Hospital. Madrid.
16Allergology Unit-North Chest Hospital. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
17Department of Pediatric Allergy. General Hospital. Castellón.
18Ojeda Clinic. Madrid.
19Department of Allergology. Infanta Sofía Hospital. San Sebastián de los Reyes.
20Department of Allergology. Alcorcón Foundation Hospital. Alcorcón.
21Department of Allergy. Infanta Leonor Hospital. Madrid.
22Department of Pediatric Allergy. Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Madrid.
23Pediatric Allergy. Department of Medicine. Imperial College London. United Kingdom. 

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2017; Vol. 27(5)
doi: 10.18176/jiaci.0178

Introduction: Cow's milk and egg are the most frequent causes of food allergy in the first years of life. Treatments such as oral immunotherapy (OIT) have been investigated as an alternative to avoidance diets. No clinical practice guides on the management of OIT with milk and egg are currently available.
Objectives: To develop a clinical guide on OIT based on the available scientific evidence and the opinions of experts.
Methods: A review was made of studies published in the period between 1984 and June 2016, Doctoral Theses published in Spain, and summaries of communications at congresses (SEAIC, SEICAP, EAACI, AAAAI), with evaluation of the opinion consensus established by a group of experts pertaining to the scientific societies SEICAP and SEAIC.
Results: Recommendations have been established regarding the indications, requirements and practical aspects of the different phases of OIT, as well as special protocols for patients at high risk of suffering adverse reactions.
Conclusions: A clinical practice guide is presented for the management of OIT with milk and egg, based on the opinion consensus of Spanish experts.

Key words: Guide, Oral immunotherapy, Desensitization, Specific oral tolerance induction, Milk allergy, Egg allergy, Omalizumab, Sublingual immunotherapy.

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