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Local Allergic Rhinitis: Concept, Clinical Manifestations, and Diagnostic Approach


C Rondón,1 J Fernandez,2 G Canto,3 M Blanca1

1Allergy Service, Carlos Haya Hospital, Malaga, Spain
2Allergy Service, Hospital Universitario de Elche, Alicante, Spain
3Allergy Service, Infanta Leonor Hospital, Madrid, Spain

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2010; Vol. 20(5): 364-371



Local allergic rhinitis is a newly described type of rhinitis involving nasal production of specific immunoglobulin (sIg) E antibodies in the absence of atopy. It can affect patients previously diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitis. Evidence for this entity is supported by clinical symptoms, local production of sIgE, a type 2 helper T cell inflammatory pattern in nasal secretions during natural exposure to aeroallergens,and a positive response to nasal allergen provocation with local nasal production of sIgE to aeroallergens, tryptase, and eosinophil cationic protein (ECP).
Based on these new findings, an advanced diagnostic approach is proposed in patients with symptoms suggestive of allergic rhinitis but negative results in skin prick test and serum sIgE determination. Detection of local sIgE in nasal secretions during natural exposure to aeorallergens and a positive nasal allergen provocation test with local production of tryptase, ECP, and sIgE are useful for detecting patients with local allergic rhinitis.

Key words: Local allergic rhinitis. Local IgE. Nasal challenge. NARES. Nonallergic rhinitis.