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Case Report


A rare case of intravascular coagulation after honey bee sting


R. Gawlik, B. Rymarczyk, B. Rogala

Dept. and Clinic of Internal, Allergic Diseases and Clinical Immunology Silesian School of Medicine

J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2004; Vol. 14(3): 250-252



A patient presented with coagulation problems a few days after honeybee sting. The purpuric skin changes developed on the legs and buttocks. She manifested signs of hypotension with disturbance of consciousness. Allergen-specific IgE serum levels against honey bee venom antigens reached >17.5 kU/l. The platelet count was 33,000/ml. The prothrombin index decreased to 28%, prothrombine time was prolonged to 34”. Fibrin degradation products were present in serum. After 10 day treatment the girl improved, but necrotic skin changes required further plastic surgery. Honeybee sting problems should be taken into account as a cause of coagulation problems.

Key words: insect venom allergy, unusual reaction, intravascular coagulation