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Continuing Medical Education. The point of view of asthmatic patients at the beginning of a mandatory CME system


F. Braido, M. Pasquali, l. Baiardini, E. Compalati, G. Passalacqua and G. Walter Canonica

Allergy and Respiratory Diseases, DIMI, Genoa University, Genoa, ITALY

J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2004; Vol. 14(4): 274-277



Background. CME is well established in the USA and many European countries, but in Italy it became mandatory by law starting from 2002. The patient’s opinion is a critical feedback signal for the outcomes of CME. We attempted, through a structured questionnaire, to evaluate the patient’s opinion on CME a few months after its introduction.

Methods. A structured questionnaire involving 8 items concerning several aspects of CME was administered to asthmatic outpatients all over Italy. The questionnaire was anonymous and collected only demographic data.

Results. 298 questionnaires were eligible for analysis. One third of the patients were informed about the Health Ministery Law. 42% of patients indicated the update knowledge as the priority in CME, followed by communication with patients (14.09%) and attention to Quality of Life (13.09%).

Discussion. Independently of the Health Ministery Law knowledge, patients consider that the updating of knowledge has the priority in the professional development plan; the improvement of skills as communication with the patient and his family and the attention for Quality of Life, are recognized as more important than economical aspects of disease management.

Key words: CME, patients, asthma, quality of life, medical knowledge.