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Case Report


Adverse reaction in a patient with aspirin-induced asthma treated with zafirlukast


J. Reyes-Balaguer, D. Hernández de Rojas

Allergy Department. Hospital Universitario La Fe. Valencia, Spain

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2006; Vol. 16(1): 69-70



Summary. Asthmatic patients receiving antileukotrienes may develop hypereosinophilia as a part of a Churg-Strauss syndrome. It is unclear if this effect is directly related to the administration of antileukotrienes or a consequence of the corticosteroid-sparing effect of antileukotrienes unmasking a Churg-Strauss syndrome. We present a case of hypereosinophilia related to zafirlukast therapy. The patient did not fulfil criteria for Churg-
Strauss syndrome. Symptoms and laboratory findings improved after zafirlukast was removed.

Key words: Antileukotriene, zafirlukast, hypereosinophilia, adverse reaction.