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Case Report


Multiple Acute Parasitization by Anisakis simplex


J Jurado-Palomo,1 MC López-Serrano,1 I Moneo2

1Department of Allergology, University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain
2Department of Immunology, Hospital Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2010; Vol. 20(5): 437-441



Hypersensitivity to Anisakis is an increasingly prominent medical problem throughout the world, due to a better understanding of diseases
induced by parasites and to modern culinary habits of eating raw or undercooked fish.
We describe the case of a patient who presented epigastric pain, wheals, erythema, and pruritus 3 hours after the ingestion of fi sh. More
than 200 larvae were obtained by endoscopy. However, the patient only developed an immune response with specific immunoglobulin E
and eosinophilia peaking at day 18 and decreasing during the 17-month follow-up. Only eosinophilia reached normal limits.

Key words
: Parasitization. Anisakis simplex. Ani s 1. Ani s 4. Recombinant allergen.