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Immunogenicity of Phleum pratense Depigmented Allergoid Vaccines: Experimental Study in Rabbits


V Iraola,1 MT Gallego,1 MA López-Matas,1 M Morales,1 I Bel,2 N García,2 J Carnés1

1R&D Department, Laboratorios LETI, Tres Cantos, Spain
2Quality Control, Laboratorios LETI, Tres Cantos, Spain

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2012; Vol. 22(1): 35-40



Background: Immunogenicity studies are based on accurate preclinical and clinical assessment of pharmaceutical products. The immunogenicity of modified allergen vaccines has not been fully elucidated, and the mechanisms involved are not well understood. Animal and human models have recently shown that depigmented allergoids induce specific immunoglobulin (Ig) G against individual allergens, thus supporting the clinical efficacy of these vaccines.

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the production of specific IgG against individual antigens and their isoforms in rabbits injected with depigmented allergoid extracts of Phleum pratense pollen.

Methods: Two New Zealand rabbits were immunized with depigmented-polymerized extracts adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide (Depigoid) of P pratense. Rabbits were injected 3 times (35 μg Phl p 5). Specifi c IgG titers against native, depigmented, and depigmented-polymerized extracts and individual allergens (rPhl p 1 and rPhl p 5a) were analyzed by direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The capacity of these synthesized antibodies to recognize individual native and depigmented allergens and different isoforms was evaluated by immunoblot and 2-D analysis.

Results: All rabbits produced high titers of specific IgG against the 3 extracts. Rabbits injected with depigmented allergoids produced similar specific antibody titers against native, depigmented, and depigmented-polymerized extracts. Serum samples recognized individual allergens and their isoforms in the nonmodified extracts.

Conclusion: Vaccines containing depigmented allergoid extracts of P pratense induce immunogenicity in vivo. The antibodies produced after injection of these extracts clearly recognized allergens and different isoforms in their native configuration.

Key words: Allergen extracts. Allergoids. Phleum pratense. Allergen immunotherapy. Immunogenicity. 2-D immunoblots. Specifi c IgG. Phl p 1. Phl p 5. Isoforms.