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Dual Specific Oral Tolerance Induction Using Interferon Gamma for IgE-Mediated Anaphylactic Food Allergy and the Dissociation of Local Skin Allergy and Systemic Oral Allergy: Tolerance or Desensitization?


G Noh,1,2,3,4 EH Jang4

1Department of Paediatrics, Chungnam National University, Dajeon, Korea
2Department of Paediatrics, Pyeongtaek International Hospital, Pyeongtaek, Korea
3Seoul Allergy Clinic, Seoul, Korea
4Jeju International Allergy Centre, Hanmaum General Hospital, Jeju City, Jeju Province, Korea

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2014; Vol. 24(2): 87-97



Background: Specific oral tolerance induction (SOTI) for IgE-mediated food allergy (IFA) can be successfully achieved using interferon gamma (classic SOTI).

Objective: In this study, a tolerable dose was introduced during tolerance induction with interferon gamma (dual SOTI), and its effectiveness was evaluated.

Methods: The study population comprised 25 IFA patients. Blood samples were taken for analysis, including complete blood count with differential counts of eosinophils, serum total IgE levels, and specific IgE for allergenic foods. Skin prick tests were conducted with the allergens. Oral food challenges were performed to diagnose IFA. Ten patients received dual SOTI, 5 received classic SOTI, 5 received SOTI without interferon gamma (original SOTI), and 5 were not treated (controls).

Results: Patients treated with dual SOTI and classic SOTI using interferon gamma became tolerant to the allergenic food. The tolerable dose was introduced successfully in dual SOTI. It was difficult to proceed with the same dosing protocol used for classic SOTI in cases treated with original SOTI. Following dual SOTI, the systemic reaction to oral intake subsided, but the local skin reaction to contact with the allergenic food persisted.

Conclusions: Dual SOTI is an improved protocol for SOTI using interferon gamma for IFA. The local skin reaction and systemic reaction to oral intake were dissociated following dual SOTI. In cases of food allergy, tolerance appears to result from desensitization to allergens.

Key words: Specific oral tolerance induction (SOTI). Interferon gamma. Food allergy. Atopic dermatitis. Oral immunotherapy. Desensitization. Tolerance.