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New Books

Computed Tomography of the Lung. A Pattern Approach
Series: Diagnostic Imaging
Johny A. Verschakelen, Walter De Wever. SPRINGER. 2nd ed. 2018, VII, 226 p. 50 illus., 25 illus. in color.

Textbook of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
E. Clini, A.E. Holland, F. Pitta, T. Troosters (Eds.) SPRINGER. 1st ed. 2018, XI, 392 p. 65 illus., 34 illus. in color.

James Chalmers, Eva Polverino, Stefano Aliberti (Eds.) SPRINGER. 1st ed. 2018, VIII, 342 p. 58 illus., 27 illus. in color.

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2018; Vol 28(3)