Issue 1, Volume 14, 2004

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Original Articles

Use of CD63 expression as marker of in vitro basophil activation in identifying the culprit insect venom allergy
B. Eberlein-K
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Tolerance and effects on skin reactivity to latex of sublingual rush immunotherapy with a latex extract
A. Cister
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Suberosis and Bird Fancier
A. Morais, J.C. Winck, I. Delgado, M.C. Palmares, J. Fonseca, J. Moura e S
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A randomized, double-blind, parallel-group study, comparing the efficacy and safety of rupatadine (10 and 10 mg), a new PAF and H1 receptor-specific histamine antagonist, to loratadine 10 mg in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis
F. Saint-Martin, J.P. Dumur, I. P
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PCR-based cloning and immunological characterization of Parietaria judaica pollen profilin
J.A. Asturias, I. Ibarrola, J.L. Eseverri, M.C. Arilla, R. Gonz
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Skin test positivity to aeroallergens in the patients with chronic urticaria without allergic respiratory disease
Z. Caliskaner, S. Ozturk, M. Turan, M. Karaayvaz
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A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study comparing the efficacy and safety of Ebastine (20 mg and 10 mg) to laratadine 10 mg once daily in tye treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis
F. Hampel Jr, W. Howland III, J. Van Bavel, P. Ratner
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Prevalence and risk factors for altex allergy: a cross sectional study on health-care workers of an Italian Hospital
C. Suli, M. Parziale, M. Lorini, E. De Silva, A. Miadonna, A. Tedeschi
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Self-reported food hypersensitivity in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia
N.E. Eriksson, C. M
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IL-2 and IL-10 levels in induced sputum and serum samples of asthmatics
B.B. Ceyhan, F.Y. Enc, S. Sahin
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