Issue 3, Volume 14, 2004

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Original Articles

Clinical and functional differences among patients with idiopathic anaphylaxis
M.A. Tejedor Alonso, J. Sastre Dom
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Lysed Enterococcus faecalis FK-23 oral administration reveals inverse association between tuberculin responses and clinical manifestations in perennial allergic rhinitis: a pilot study
T. Shimada, L. Cheng, T. Enomoto, X. Yang, A. Miyoshi, and T. Shirakawa
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Tolerance of a cluster schedule with a house dust mite extract quantified in mass units: multicentre study
A. I. Tabar , L. Fern
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Assessment of allergenicity to Mallotus Phillipensis pollen in atopic patients in India: A new allergen
A. Rawat, A. Singh, I. Roy, L. Kumar, S.N. Gaur, P. Ravindran, A.K. Bhatnagar, and A.B. Singh
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Analysis of new respiratory allergies in patients monosensitized to airborne allergens in the area North of Milan
R. Asero
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Epidemiology of urticaria in Spain
P. Gaig, M. Olona, D. Mu
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Thirty cases of bronchial asthma associated with exposure to pet hamsters
T. Niitsuma, A. Tsuji, M. Nukaga, A. Izawa, M. Okita, N. Maruoka, A. Oguchi, S. Morita, Y. Matsumura, M. Tsuyuguchi, T. Hayashi
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Allergenic fungi spore records (15 years) and sensitization in patients with respiratory allergy in Thessaloniki-Greece
D. Gioulekas, A. Damialis, D. Papakosta, F. Spieksma, P. Giouleka, D. Patakas
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Mite allergen levels and acarologic analysis in house dust samples in Uberaba, Brazil
S.A. Terra, D.A.O. Silva, M.C. Sopelete, J. Mendes, S.J. Sung and E.A. Taketomi
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Airborne plane-tree (Platanus hispanica) pollen distribution in the city of Córdoba, South-western Spain, and possible implications on pollen allergy
P. Alc
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Case Report

Airborne allergy to sunflower seed
R. Asero, G. Mistrello, D. Roncarolo, S. Amato
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Topical dexketoprofen as a cause of photocontact dermatitis
R. L
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A rare case of intravascular coagulation after honey bee sting
R. Gawlik, B. Rymarczyk, B. Rogala
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