Issue 1, Volume 16, 2006

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A new era: J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol & SEAIC
Antonio Pel
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Platelet function in anaphylaxis
A. Kasperska-Zajac, B. Rogala
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Original Articles

In vitro basophil activation using CD63 expression in patients with bee and wasp venom allergy
B. Eberlein-K
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Children´s asthma and the third world: an approach
E. Capriles, A. Do Campo, O. Verde, S. Pluchino, A. Capriles Hulett
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Bronchial hyperresponsiveness is a common feature in patients with chronic urticaria
R. Asero, E. Madonini
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Aerobiological and allergenic analysis of Cupressaceae pollen in Granada (Southern Spain)
C. D
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Taxis but not private cars are mite allergen reservoirs in Brazil
E. A. Taketomi, C. M. Justino, F. L. Pereira, G. R. Segundo, M. C. Sopelete, S. J. Sung, D. A. Silva
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Differences in the spatial distribution of airborne pollen concentrations at different urban locations within a city
M. A. Gonzalo-Garijo, R. Tormo-Molina, A. F. Mu
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Differences between asthma and COPD in the elderly
B. A. Sin,
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Immediate hypersensitivity to corticosteroids
M. Venturini, T. Lobera, M.D. del Pozo, I. Gonz
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Rofecoxib, as a safe alternative for acetyl salicylic acid/nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-intolerant patients
S. Bavbek, G.
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Case Report

Allergy to chironomid larvae (red migde larvae) in non professional handlers of fish food
S. Cabrerizo Ballesteros, M. de Barrio, M.L. Baeza, M. Rubio Sot
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Adverse reaction in a patient with aspirin-induced asthma treated with zafirlukast
J. Reyes-Balaguer, D. Hern
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Food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis to pistachio
S. Porcel, A. B. S
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