Issue 3, Volume 20, 2010

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Allergology Training at Undergraduate and Primary Care Levels
T Chivato
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Diagnosis and Management of Immunodeficiencies in Adults by Allergologists
JM García, P Gamboa, A de la Calle, MD Hernández, MT Caballero, on behalf of the Committee of Immunology of the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC) (BE García, M Labrador, C Lahoz, N Longo Areso, M López Hoyos, J Martínez Quesada, L Mayorga, FJ Monteseirin, ML Sanz)
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Original Articles

Frequency of Allergic Diseases in 2-Year-Old Children in Relationship to Parental History of Allergy and Breastfeeding
H Pohlabeln, K Mühlenbruch, S Jacobs, H Böhmann
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Expression Patterns of HLA-DR+ or HLA-DR– on CD4+/CD25++/CD127low Regulatory T cells in Patients With Allergy
L Geraldes, J Morgado, A Almeida, A Todo-Bom, P Santos, A Paiva, C Cheira, ML Pais
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Prevalence of Aeroallergen Sensitization and Increased Exhaled Nitric Oxide Values in Schoolchildren of Different Socioeconomic Status
R Silva, L Cruz, T Vieira, A Leblanc, A Ferreira, J Fonseca, A Moreira, MG Castel-Branco
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Effect of Fluticasone on Neuropeptides inNasal Lavage in Persistent Allergic Rhinitis
C Schäper, B Gustavus, B Koch, R Ewert, SB Felix, G Kunkel, O Noga, S Gläser
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Clinical and Immunological Analysis of 23 Adult Patients With Common Variable Immunodeficiency
Ö Ardeniz, ÖK Ba?oglu, F Gün?ar, M Ünsel, S Bayraktaroglu, N Mete O Gülbahar, A Sin
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Leukotriene B4 and 8-Isoprostane in Exhaled Breath Condensate of Children With Episodic and Persistent Asthma
S Caballero Balanzá, A Martorell Aragonés, JC Cerdá Mir, J Belda Ramírez, R Navarro Iváñez, A Navarro Soriano, R Félix Toledo, A Escribano Montaner
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Cytokine Production by Activated T Cells in Common Variable Immunodeficiency
N Rezaei, A Aghamohammadi, M Nourizadeh, GA Kardar, Z Pourpak, A Zare, RC Read
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Special Article

Recommendations for Competency in Allergy Training for Undergraduates Qualifying as Medical Practitioners: A Position Paper of the World Allergy Organization
Potter, Paul C. MD, FCPaed(SA), DCH(SA), FAAAAI, FACAAI; Warner, John O. MD, FRCPCH, FMedSci; Pawankar, Ruby MD, PhD; Kaliner, Michael A. MD; Del Giacco, Sergio MD; Rosenwasser, Lanny MD; on behalf of the WAO Specialty and Training Council
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Case Report

Immunological Effects of Omalizumab in Chronic Urticaria: A Case Report
E Iemoli, S Piconi, A Fusi, L Borgonovo, M Borelli, D Trabattoni
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Homozygosity For a Novel Mutation in the C1q C Chain Gene in a Turkish Family With Hereditary C1q Deficiency
N Gulez, F Genel, F Atlihan, B Gullstrand, L Skattum, L Schejbel, P Garred, L Truedsson
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Successful Use of Rituximab in Refractory Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in a Patient With Common Variable Immunodeficiency
M Al-Ahmad, M Al-Rasheed, A Al-Muhani
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Specific Polysaccharide Antibody Deficiency in Chromosome 18p Deletion Syndrome and Immunoglobulin A Deficiency
MJ Browning
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Practitioner’s Corner

Toll-like Receptor-9 Gene Polymorphism in Common Variable Immunodeficiency
S Tanir, M Karkucak, T Yakut, SS Kilic
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Late Asthmatic Reaction Induced by Exposure to Raw Swiss Chard
T Valbuena, P Barranco, C Pascual, MC López-Serrano, S Quirce
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Allergic Sensitization to Ethylene Oxide in Patients With Suspected Allergic Reactions During Surgery and Anesthesia
MS Opstrup, H Mosbech, LH Garvey
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Pattern of Sensitization to Major Allergens Der p 1 and Der p 2 in Mite-Sensitized Individuals from Galicia, Spain
V Iraola, M Boquete, H Pinto, F Carballada, C Carballás, J Carnés
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