Issue 5, Volume 21, 2011

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Consensus Statement on the Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Angioedema Mediated by Bradykinin. Part I. Classification, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Genetics, Clinical Symptoms, and Diagnosis
T Caballero, ML Baeza, R Cabañas, A Campos, S Cimbollek, C Gómez-Traseira, T González Quevedo, M Guilarte, J Jurado-Palomo, JI Larco, MC López-Serrano, M López-Trascasa, C Marcos, JM Muñoz-Caro, M Pedrosa, N Prior, M Rubio, A Sala-Cunill
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Original Articles

Evaluation of CARMA1/CARD11 and Bob1 as Candidate Genes in Common Variable Immunodeficiency
G Tampella, M Baronio, M Vitali, A Soresina, R Badolato, S Giliani, A Plebani, V Lougaris
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Percutaneous Application of Peptidoglycan From Staphylococcus aureus Induces Infiltration of CCR4+ Cells Into Mouse Skin
K Matsui, A Nishikawa
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Clinical Use of Oral Antihistamines and Intranasal Corticosteroids in Patients With Allergic Rhinitis
A Navarro, A Valero, MJ Rosales, J Mullol
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Polymorphisms in Toll-Like Receptor 4 Gene Are Associated With Asthma Severitymbut not Susceptibility in a Chinese Han Population
Q Zhang, FH Qian, LF Zhou, GZ Wei, GF Jin, JL Bai, KS Yin
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Associations With Aspirin-Intolerant Asthma in a Korean Population
J-H Kim, B-L Park, HS Cheong, CFA Pasaje, JS Bae, JS Park, AS Jang, S-T Uh, J-S Choi, Y-H Kim, M-K Kim, IS Choi, SH Cho, BW Choi, IS Koh, C-S Park, HD Shin
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Autoimmunity and Hepatitis A Vaccine in Children
Z Karali, S Tanir Basaranoglu, Y Karali, B Oral, SS Kilic
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Promoter Polymorphisms of the CD14 Gene Are Associated With Atopy in Pakistani Adults
S Micheal, K Minhas, M Ishaque, F Ahmed, A Ahmed
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Case Report

Phosphorylation Reduces the Allergenicity of Cow Casein in Children With Selective Allergy to Goat and Sheep Milk
B Cases, C García-Ara, MT Boyano, M Pérez-Gordo, M Pedrosa, F Vivanco, S Quirce, C Pastor-Vargas
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Bacille Calmette-Guérin Lymphadenitis and Recurrent Oral Candidiasis in an Infant With a New Mutation Leading to Interleukin-12 Receptor ß-1 Deficiency
C Aytekin, F Dogu, N Tuygun, G Tanir, D Guloglu, S Boisson-Dupuis, J Bustamante, J Feinberg, JL Casanova, A Ikinciogullari
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Membranous Glomerulopathy in an Adult Patient with X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia Receiving Intravenous Gammaglobulin
LM Endo, JV Giannobile, AK Dobbs, JB Foote, E Szymanska, DG Warnock, WJ Cook, ME Conley, HW Schroeder
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Practitioner’s Corner

Tracheomalacia: Uncommon Onset in a Patient With Severe Asthma
N Hernández Arauzo, MªJ Castillo Marchuet, M Viñas Domingo, M Ibero Iborra
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A Study of the Variability of the in Vitro Component-Based Microarray ISAC CDR 103 Technique
P Cabrera-Freitag, MJ Goikoetxea, PM Gamboa, R Martínez-Aranguren, C Beorlegui, J Fernández, ML Sanz
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Selective Hypersensitivity With Positive Immediate Skin Tests to Nimesulide
C Astarita, A Savoia, C Sepe, AM Alagia Ivo, G Di Scala
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Omalizumab (an Anti-IgE Antibody) in the Treatment of Severe Atopic Eczema
ME Ramírez Del Pozo, E Contreras Contreras, J López Tiro, J Gómez Vera
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A Severe Case of Lipoatrophy Due to Human Insulin and Insulin Analogs in a Patient With Diabetes: Is an Immunological Mechanism involved?
P Cabrera-Freitag, J Escalada, MJ Goikoetxea, S Laguna,2 ML Sanz, G Gastaminza
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Fixed Drug Eruption Due to Meloxicam
S Kepil Ozdemir, F Oner Erkekol, O Aydin, GE Celik, Z Misirligil
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Drug Fever Caused by Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetic cream
M Kamata, Y Tada, N Yazawa, T Watanabe, K Kikuchi, S Sato
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Storage Mites in Flour Samples in Wellington, New Zealand
M Cotter, R Siebers, A Pike, P Fitzharris, J Crane
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An Immediate Hypersensitivity Reaction Caused by Tolperisone Hydrochloride
J Glück, B Rymarczyk, B Rogala
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