Issue 6, Volume 21, 2011

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Consensus Statement on the Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Angioedema Mediated by Bradykinin. Part II. Treatment, Follow-up, and Special Situations
T Caballero, ML Baeza, R Cabañas, A Campos, S Cimbollek, C Gómez-Traseira, T González Quevedo, M Guilarte, J Jurado-Palomo, JI Larco, MC López-Serrano, M López-Trascasa, C Marcos, JM Muñoz-Caro,1 M Pedrosa, N Prior, M Rubio, A Sala-Cunill
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Reducing the Risk of Anaphylaxis During Anesthesia: 2011 Updated Guidelines for Clinical Practice
PM Mertes, JM Malinovsky, L Jouffroy, and the Working Group of the SFAR and SFA and W Aberer, I Terreehorst, K Brockow, P Demoly, for ENDA and the EAACI Interest Group on Drug Allergy
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Original Articles

Health Policy for Common Variable Immunodeficiency: Burden of the Disease
H Abolhassani, A Aghamohammadi, F Abolhassani, H Eftekhar, M Heidarnia, N Rezaei
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Latex Allergy in Primary Care Providers
MJ Galindo, S Quirce, L García Olmos
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Prevalence of Uncontrolled Severe Persistent Asthma in Pneumology and Allergy Hospital Units in Spain
S Quirce, V Plaza, C Picado, M Vennera, J Casafont
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Deletion of the Late Cornified Envelope Genes LCE3B and LCE3C May Promote Chronic Hand Eczema With Allergic Contact Dermatitis
S Molin, S Vollmer, EH Weiss, P Weisenseel, T Ruzicka, JC Prinz
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The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Patients With Common Variable Immunodeficiency
Y Karali, H Saglam, Z Karali, SS Kilic
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Case Report

Ibuprofen-Induced Aseptic Meningoencephalitis Confi rmed by Drug Challenge
A Moreno-Ancillo, AC Gil-Adrados, J Jurado-Palomo
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NSAID-Sensitive Antihistamine-Induced Urticaria/Angioedema
S Cimbollek, M Ortega Camarero, R Avila, J Quiralte, M Prados
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Practitioner’s Corner

Proposed GA2LEN Standardized Allergen Battery: What About Regional Sensitization Differences?
M Couto, M Miranda
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Immediate Allergy to Mepivacaine
JL Estrada, JL Perez-Laiz, M Latasa, A Rodríguez-Paredes
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Allergy to Red Caviar
D González-de-Olano, A Rodríguez-Marco, E González- Mancebo, M Gandolfo-Cano, A Meléndez-Baltanás, B Bartolomé
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Cosmetic Facial Peel-Induced Contact Anaphylaxis: Chestnut Allergy Without Latex- Fruit Syndrome
CS Seitz, A Trautmann
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