Issue 1, Volume 22, 2012

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Local and Systemic Safety of Intranasal Corticosteroids
J Sastre, R Mosges
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Original Articles

Diagnostic Utility of Components in Allergy to Anisakis simplex
PM Gamboa, J Asturias, R Martínez, I Antépara, I Jáuregui, I Urrutia, J Fernández, ML Sanz
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Preliminary Study of the Cellular Characteristics of Primary Bronchial Fibroblasts in Patients With Asthma: Expression of a–Smooth Muscle Actin, Fibronectin Containing Extra Type III Domain A, and Smoothelin
Y-H Nam, S-K Lee, D Sammut, DE Davies, PH Howarth
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Clinical Efficacy of Web-Based Versus Standard Asthma Self-management
L Araújo, T Jacinto, A Moreira, MG Castel-Branco, L Delgado, A Costa-Pereira, J Fonseca
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Immunogenicity of Phleum pratense Depigmented Allergoid Vaccines: Experimental Study in Rabbits
V Iraola, MT Gallego, MA López-Matas, M Morales, I Bel, N García, J Carnés
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Diagnosis of Patients With Immediate Hypersensitivity to ß-Lactams Using Retest
I García Núñez, MJ Barasona Villarejo, MA Algaba Mármol, C Moreno Aguilar, F Guerra Pasadas
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Umbilical Artery pH Values at Birth and Risk of Asthma at 5 to 6 Years of Age
L Keski-Nisula, T Putus, J Pekkanen
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Genetic Variant rs4982958 at 14q11.2 Is Associated With Allergic Rhinitis in a Chinese Han Population Running title: 14q11.2 Is a Susceptibility Locus for Allergic Rhinitis
XF Tang, HY Tang, LD Sun, FL Xiao, Z Zhang, Y LI, XB Zuo, FS Zhou, KL Yang, P Fang, YH Liu, WD Du, S Yang, ML Duan, XJ Zhang
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Practitioner’s Corner

AAT Polymorphisms in Intron 20 of NOS1 Confer Vulnerability to Mite-Induced Allergic Rhinitis in Chinese Patients
B-C Yuan, R-F Chen, K-W Hsieh, M-C Yang, F-W Lung
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Glatiramer Acetate Anaphylaxis: Detection of Antibodies and Basophil Activation Test
V Soriano Gomis, A Pérez Sempere, P González Delgado, JM Sempere, E Niveiro Hernández, FM Marco
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Azathioprine-Induced Sweet’s Syndrome
IM Flores Martín, MP López-Sáez, DC Brugaletta Matheus, G Acosta Ruiz, JD López, JA Pagán Alemán
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SCID-Like Phenotype Associated With an Inhibitory Autoreactive Immunoglobulin
L Palamaro, I Vigliano, G Giardino, E Cirillo, G Aloj, R Romano, C Pignata
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Bronchospasm Induced Selectively by Paracetamol
M Corominas, R Lleonart, E Muñoz
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Oral Desensitization to Egg Enables CD4+FoxP3+ Cells to Expand in Egg-Stimulated Cells
JM Urra, R Garcia Rodriguez, F Feo Brito, P Mur, F Guerra
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Atopic Manifestations in Patients With Ulcerative Colitis: A Report From Chile
A Boneberger, E Hebel Weiss, M Calvo, K Radon
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Specific Oral Tolerance Induction (SOTI) to Egg: Our Experience With 19 Children
M Tortajada-Girbés, M Porcar-Almela, L Martorell- Giménez, M Tallón-Guerola, M Gracia-Antequera, P Codoñer-Franch
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Severe Primary Antibody Deficiency Due to a Novel Mutation of µ Heavy Chain
I Mohammadzadeh, M Yeganeh, A Aghamohammadi, N Parvaneh, N Behniafard, H Abolhassani, F Tabassomi, M Hemmat, H Kanegane, T Miyawaki, O Ohara, N Rezaei
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