Issue 3, Volume 23, 2013

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Treatment of Recalcitrant Chronic Urticaria With Nonsedating Antihistamines: Is There Evidence for Updosing?
M Sánchez-Borges, F Caballero-Fonseca, A Capriles-Hulett
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Original Articles

Prevalence of Asthma and Severity of Allergic Rhinitis Comparing 2 Perennial Allergens: House Dust Mites and Parietaria judaica Pollen
A Sala-Cunill, J Bartra, G Dalmau, R Tella, E Botey, E Raga, A Valero
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Soy Aeroallergens in Thoracic Fraction Particles (PM10)
S Gómez-Ollés, MD Untoria, JR Villalbi, X Muñoz, F Morell, MJ Cruz
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Identification of New Potential Allergens From Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) and Cod (Gadus morhua)
JM Tomm, T van Do, C Jende, JC Simon, R Treudler, M von Bergen, M Averbeck
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Immunoglobulin E Reactivity and Allergenic Potency of Morus papyrifera (Paper Mulberry) Pollen
S Micheal, A Wangorsch, S Wolfheimer, K Foetisch, K Minhas, S Scheurer, A Ahmed
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Allergen Profile of Protophormia terraenovae, Other Species of Calliphoridae, and Lumbricus terrestris in Anglers Allergic to Maggots in Cáceres, Spain
SL Porcel Carreño, F Pineda de la Losa, EM Frontera Carrión AB Sánchez González, E Rodríguez Martín, S Jiménez Timón, M Alvarado Arenas, B de la Hoz Caballer, MC Diéguez Pastor, FJ Hernández Arbeiza
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Skin Test-Positive Immediate Hypersensitivity Reaction to Iodinated Contrast Media: The Role of Controlled Challenge Testing
A Prieto-García, M Tomás, R Pineda, P Tornero, T Herrero, V Fuentes, L Zapatero, M de Barrio
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Sequential Combined Therapy With Omalizumab and Rituximab: A New Approach to Severe Atopic Dermatitis
S Sánchez-Ramón, I Eguíluz-Gracia, ME Rodríguez-Mazariego, A Paravisini, JM Zubeldia-Ortuño, J Gil-Herrera, E Fernández-Cruz, R Suárez-Fernández
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Practitioner’s Corner

Pollen-Food Syndrome Involving Allergy to Tiger Nut
D González-de-Olano, E González-Mancebo, E Mohedano- Vicente, M Gandolfo-Cano, B Bartolomé
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Echinococcus multilocularis Infection in a Patient Treated With Omalizumab
R Skiepko, Z Zietkowski, U Skiepko, MM Tomasiak- Lozowska, A Bodzenta-Lukaszyk
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Safety of 2 Build-up Cluster Immunotherapy Schedules With a High-Dose Hypoallergenic Pollen Therapeutic Extract
ML González-Gutiérrez, J Domínguez-Ortega, JA Torres- Hernández, V De-Luque-Piñana, JP Izquierdo-Calderón, J Hernández-Peña
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Cardiorespiratory Arrest: A Grade IV Delayed Anaphylactic Reaction in the Recovery Room Caused by Rocuronium
G Sedó, R Cabañas, A Fiandor, V Del Pozo, N Cancelliere, N Prior, MC López-Serrano, S Quirce
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Urticaria Caused by Ingestion of Pasta and Bread Containing Buckwheat Flour
D Guillén, A Fiandor-Román, T Caballero, E García-Vena, S Pastor, S Quirce
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Chronic Urticaria Caused by Allergy to Peach Lipid Transfer Protein
R Asero
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High Prevalence of Allergy-Like Respiratory Diseases in Common Variable Immunodeficiency
I Eguíluz-Gracia, E Fernández-Cruz, J Carbone
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