Issue 6, Volume 23, 2013

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The Role of Regulatory T Cells in IgE-Mediated Food Allergy
O Palomares
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Original Articles

Recurrence of Anaphylaxis in a Spanish Series
MA Tejedor Alonso, MV Múgica García, J Esteban Hernández, M Moro Moro, PE Rojas Pérez Ezquerra, A Rosado Ingelmo, C Vila Albelda
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Expression of the Basophil-Specific Antibodies 2D7 and BB1 in Patients With Cutaneous Mastocytosis
MA Idoate, J Echeveste, P Gil, ML Sanz, M Ferrer
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Prospective, Multicenter Clinical Trial to Validate New Products for Skin Tests in the Diagnosis of Allergy to Penicillin
J Fernández, MJ Torres, J Campos, F Arribas-Poves, M Blanca, on behalf of the DAP-Diater group
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Comparison of 2 Methods to Correct for Peripheral Nitric Oxide Exchange in the Lungs
L Prieto, V López, D Barato, J Marin
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Prediction of Asthma by Common Risk Factors: A Follow-up Study in Cuban Schoolchildren
SD van der Werff, R Junco Díaz, R Reyneveld, MW Heymans, M Campos Ponce, M Bonet Gorbea, K Polman
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Changes in Exhaled Nitric Oxide After Inhalation Challenge With Occupational Agents
J Sastre, C Costa, M García del Potro, E Aguado, I Mahillo, M Fernández- Nieto
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Interleukin 33 Is Induced by Tumor Necrosis Factor a and Interferon y in Keratinocytes and Contributes to Allergic Contact Dermatitis
K Taniguchi, S Yamamoto, E Hitomi, Y Inada, Y Suyama, T Sugioka, Y Hamasaki
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Practitioner’s Corner

Desensitizing Oxaliplatin-Induced Fever: A Case Report
R Madrigal-Burgaleta, MP Berges-Gimeno, D Angel-Pereira, C Guillen-Ponce, ML Sanz, E Alvarez-Cuesta
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Occupational Asthma Due to Polyvinyl Chloride and Methyl Methacrylate in a Plumber
SA Uriarte, M Fernández-Nieto, J Sastre
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Palpebral and Periorbital Edema in an Immigrant Woman
AI Escudero Pastor, F Martínez Díaz, A Carbonell Martínez, JC Miralles López, A Martínez Navarro, E Fernández Calvo
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Knowledge of Anaphylaxis Among Ibero-American Physicians: Results of the Ibero-American Online Survey for Physicians on the Management and Treatment of Anaphylaxis (IOSPTA) - Latin American Society of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (LASAAI)
D Solé, JC Ivancevich, V Cardona
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Pyruvate Kinase and Phosphopyruvate Hydratase as Novel IgE Reactive Proteins in Prawn
JM Tomm, C Krause, JC Simon, R Treudler, M von Bergen, M Averbeck
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Anaphylaxis Caused by Flaxseed
A Álvarez-Perea, D Pérez Alzate, A Doleo Maldonado, ML Baeza
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