Issue 1, Volume 24, 2014

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The Maddening Itch: An Approach to Chronic Urticaria
LP Viegas MB Ferreira AP Kaplan
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Genetic Defects in B-Cell Development and Their Clinical Consequences
H Abolhassani N Parvaneh N Rezaei L Hammarström A Aghamohammadi
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Original Articles

Cypress Pollen: An Unexpected Major Sensitizing Agent in Different Regions of Italy
B Sposato G Liccardi M Russo I Folletti A Siracusa N Scichilone MT Ventura G Rolla A Raie M Milanese R Pio A Pio R Scala C Pareo C Micucci C Micheletto L Billeri A Musarra C Cavaliere G Agolli S Masieri M Scalese D Capitani
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House Dust Mite Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Does Not Induce New Sensitization to Tropomyosin: Does It Do the Opposite?
B Pevec, M Radulovic Pevec, A Stipic Markovic, I Batista
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Serum Specific IgE: A Biomarker of Response to Allergen Immunotherapy
G Ciprandi M Sivestri
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Drug-Induced Anaphylaxis Survey in Portuguese Allergy Departments
E Faria J Rodrigues-Cernadas  Gaspar C Botelho E Castro A Lopes E Gomes D Malheiro S Cadinha S Campina-Costa M Neto N Sousa R Rodrigues-Alves A Romeira J Caiado M Morais-Almeida Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SPAIC) Drug Allergy Interest Group
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The Effect of Inhaled Corticosteroids on the Concentration of Soluble CD163 in Induced Sputum of Allergic Asthma Patients
K Kowal, M Moniuszko, A Bodzenta-Lukaszyk
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Practitioner’s Corner

Cross-reactivity Between Buckwheat and Quinoa in a Patient With Eosinophilic Esophagitis Caused by Wheat
D El-Qutob López B Bartolomé Zavala I Ortiz
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Occupational Allergy in a Holm Oak Pruner
P Mur Gimeno A Martín Iglesias M Lombardero Vega Q Malo Casero S Jiménez Alvarez
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Suspicion of a New Cross-reaction Between Carbamazepine and Olanzapine
D Brajon P Trechot J Waton JF Cuny JL Schmutz A Barbaud
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Oral Pancreatic Enzyme Supplements Can Reduce Excretion of Ovalbumin in Breast Milk
A Des Roches M Abbott P Bégin J Paradis L Paradis
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A Curious Case of Exercise-Induced Wheat Allergy in Adulthood
I Carrapatoso, AF Santos, E Faria, A Segorbe Luís
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First Case Report of Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis Due to Intravenous Iopromide
S Bavbek ZÇ Sözener Ö Aydın SK Özdemir Ü Gül AO Heper
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Eosinophilic Bronchitis Caused by Styrene
L Arochena, M Fernández-Nieto, E Aguado, M García del Potro, J Sastre
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Rapid Iron Desensitization After Generalized Urticaria and Facial Angioedema
B Rodríguez-Jiménez J Domínguez-Ortega B Nuñez-Acevedo B Cava-Sumner C Kindelan-Recarte C Montojo-Guillén
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