Issue 2, Volume 24, 2014

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Rapid Drug Desensitization for Hypersensitivity Reactions to Chemotherapy and Monoclonal Antibodies in the 21st Century
MC Castells Guitart
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Assessment of Severity and Quality of Life in Chronic Urticaria
I Jáuregui, FJ Ortiz de Frutos, M Ferrer, A Giménez-Arnau, J Sastre, J Bartra, M Labrador, JF Silvestre, A Valero
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Original Articles

Dual Specific Oral Tolerance Induction Using Interferon Gamma for IgE-Mediated Anaphylactic Food Allergy and the Dissociation of Local Skin Allergy and Systemic Oral Allergy: Tolerance or Desensitization?
G Noh, EH Jang
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Immunotherapy Reduces CD40L Expression and Modifies Cytokine Production in the CD4 Cells of Pollen Allergy Patients
JM Urra, P Carrasco, F Feo-Brito, F De La Roca, F Guerra, CM Cabrera
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Are Basophil Activation and Sulphidoleukotriene Determination Useful Tests for Monitoring Patients With Peach Allergy Receiving Sublingual Immunotherapy With a Pru p 3-Enriched Peach Extract?
S Garrido-Fernández, BE García, ML Sanz, S Echechipía, MT Lizaso, AI Tabar
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The -33C/T Polymorphism in the Interleukin 4 Gene Is Associated With Asthma Risk: A Meta-Analysis
Y Liu, A Zhuo, W Liu, S Xu, S Li
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Practitioner’s Corner

Urticaria After Ingestion of Alcoholic Beverages
F Ribeiro, N Sousa, I Carrapatoso, A Segorbe Luís
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Generalized Urticaria Due to Yellow Pitahaya (Selenicereus megalanthus)
B Rodríguez-Jiménez, J Domínguez-Ortega, A Ledesma, B Cava-Sumner, C Kindelan-Recarte
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Online Medical Consultations Applied to Allergy
MJ Alvarez-Puebla, S Indurain, A Giner, M Nuin, J Sexmilo, AI Tabar, Members of the Primary Care-Allergy Coordination Committee of the Servicio Navarro de Salud-Osasunbidea
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Celiac-Like Sprue in Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome: Successful Treatment With Budesonide
S Pasic, G Ristic, S Djuricic, D Prokic, S Zdravkovic
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Eleven Cases of Omeprazole Hypersensitivity: Diagnosis and Study of Cross-Reactivity
L Sánchez-Morillas, P Rojas Pérez-Ezquerra, R González Mendiola, P Gómez-Tembleque Úbeda, A Santos Álvarez, JJ Laguna-Martínez
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Lolium perenne Pollen From a Polluted City Shows High Allergenic Potency and Increased Associated Enterobacteriaceae Counts
T Alfaya, F Feo Brito, C García Rodríguez, F Pineda, JA Lucas, FJ Gutiérrez Mañero, F Guerra
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Tolerance to Cephalosporins in Nonimmediate Hypersensitivity to Penicillins in Pediatric Patients
A Callero, F Berroa, S Infante, V Fuentes-Aparicio, E Alonso-Lebrero, L Zapatero
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Rabbit Meat Anaphylaxis
C Gómez Galán, L Ferré Ybarz, A Sansosti Viltes, JM de la Borbolla Morán, MA Peña Peloche, P Duocastella Selvas, Á Llusá Serra, A Torredemer Palau, A Ledesma, S Nevot Falcó
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Tolerance of Triflusal in Patients With Immediate Cutaneous Hypersensitivity to Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs
M Sánchez, T Lobera, MD Del Pozo, R Escudero, I Gonzalez, A Blasco
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Conjunctival Sensitization to Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in Facial Soap
T Mimura, H Noma, S Yamagami
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Letters to the Editor

A Case of Persistent Angioedema
JH Panasoff
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