Issue 4, Volume 24, 2014

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Hypersensitivity Reactions to Biological Drugs
M Corominas, G Gastaminza, T Lobera
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Original Articles

Tolerated Sting Challenge in Patients on Hymenoptera Venom Immunotherapy Improves Health-Related Quality of Life
DS Koschel, M Schmies, C Nink Weber, G Höffken, F Balck
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Histamine Exerts Multiple Effects on Expression of Genes Associated With Epidermal Barrier Function
D Gutowska-Owsiak, M Salimi, TA Selvakumar, X Wang, S Taylor, GS Ogg
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Oral Immunotherapy in Children With IgE-Mediated Wheat Allergy: Outcome and Molecular Changes
P Rodríguez del Río, A Díaz-Perales, S Sanchez-García, C Escudero, Patricia do Santos, M Catarino, MD Ibañez
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Short-term Effects of Airborne Ragweed Pollen on Clinical Symptoms of Hay fever in a Panel of 30 Patients
D Caillaud, M Thibaudon, S Martin, C Ségala, JP Besancenot, B Clot, H François, on behalf of the French Aerobiology Network
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Characterization of Profilin and Polcalcin Panallergens From Ash Pollen
S Mas, M Garrido-Arandia, E Batanero, A Purohit, G Pauli, R Rodríguez, R Barderas, M Villalba
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Practitioner’s Corner

Severe Congenital Neutropenia With a Novel ELANE Mutation in 2 Mexican Patients
R Dorbeker-Azcona, C Bellane-Chantelot, A Olaya-Vargas, M Pérez-García, C Escamilla-Quiroz, AB Martínez-Bernal, MA Yamazaki-Nakashimada, L Blancas-Galicia
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Anaphylaxis After Oxaliplatin Allergy Skin Testing
J Martin-Lazaro, JL Fírvida, P Berges-Gimeno
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Long-term Prophylaxis With C1-Inhibitor Concentrate in Patients With Hereditary Angioedema
M Pedrosa, T Lobera, C Panizo, J Jurado, T Caballero
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Adalimumab Desensitization Protocol in a Patient With a Generalized Urticarial Reaction and Angioedema Following Adalimumab Administration
D Gutiérrez Fernández, A Foncubierta Fernández, JL Anguita Carazo, S Fernández Meléndez, MJ Fernández Anguita, F Medina Varo
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Successful Intravaginal Desensitization in a Woman With Seminal Plasma Anaphylaxis After Artificial Insemination Failure
S-W Sohn, H-S Lee, Y-S Yoon, H-S Park
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Occupational Rhinitis Due to Inhalation of Chicken Meat Protein
T Lobera Labairu, I González Mahave, MD Del Pozo Gil, M Venturini Díaz, A Blasco Sarramián, C Pastor-Vargas, F Vivanco, B Bartolomé Zavala
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Bradykinin-Mediated Hereditary Angioedema (Non–Estrogen-Dependent) Without C1 Inhibitor Deficiency
C Vela Vizcaino, L Sola Enrique, S Chugo Gordillo, MT Lizaso Bacaicoa, T Caballero Molina, BE García Figueroa
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Venom-Dependent Vibration-Induced Anaphylaxis: A New Hazard Following Large Local Reactions From Hymenoptera Stings
C Astarita, A Savoia, F De Bartolomeis
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Tick Bite Anaphylaxis in a Patient Allergic to Bee Venom
M Sánchez, M Venturini, A Blasco,1 T Lobera, B Bartolomé, JA Oteo
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