Issue 6, Volume 24, 2014

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Amaranthaceae Pollens: Review of an Emerging Allergy in the Mediterranean Area
M Villalba, R Barderas, S Mas, C Colás, E Batanero, R Rodríguez
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Health-Related Quality of Life in Children With Food Allergy and Their Parents: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Z Morou, A Tatsioni, IDK Dimoliatis, NG Papadopoulos
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Work-Related Asthma: Diagnosis and Prognosis of Immunological Occupational Asthma and Work-Exacerbated Asthma
X Muñoz, MJ Cruz, V Bustamante, JL Lopez-Campos, E Barreiro
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Original Articles

Effects of TNF-α Polymorphisms on Asthma Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
H Huang, W Nie, J Qian, Y Zang, J Chen, G Lai, T Ye, Q Xiu
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The Impact of Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Food Challenge (DBPCFC) on the Socioeconomic Cost of Food Allergy in Europe
I Cerecedo, J Zamora, M Fox, J Voordouw, N Plana, E Rokicka, M Fernandez-Rivas, S Vázquez Cortés, M Reche, A Fiandor, M Kowalski, G Antonides, M Mugford, LJ Frewer, B de la Hoz
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Piperacillin-Induced DRESS: Distinguishing Features Observed in a Clinical and Allergy Study of 8 Patients
R Cabañas, O Calderón, E Ramírez, A Fiandor, N Prior, T Caballero, P Herránz, I Bobolea, MC López-Serrano, S Quirce, T Bellón
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In Vivo and In Vitro Testing With rAni s 1 Can Facilitate Diagnosis of Anisakis simplex Allergy
RM Martínez-Aranguren, PM Gamboa, E García-Lirio, J Asturias, MJ Goikoetxea, ML Sanz
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Practitioner’s Corner

Successful Desensitization to Mycophenolate Mofetil: A Case Report
B Colakoğlu, D Unal, A Gelincik, S Büyüköztürk
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Delayed Hypersensitivity to Ribavirin Confirmed by Provocation Test
P Barreira, S Cadinha, D Malheiro, JP Moreira da Silva
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Selective IgM Deficiency in a Boy With Ring Chromosome 18
F Celmeli, D Turkkahraman, Z Cetin, E Mihci, O Yegin
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Improving Care of Hereditary Angioedema With C1 Inhibitor Deficiency (Type 1 and Type 2 Hereditary Angioedema) in LatinAmerica
J Fabiani, S Oliveira Rodrigues Valle, M Olivares, S Nieto, E Hernández Landeros, A Ginaca, L Bezrodnik, E Nievas, M Oleastro, OM Barrera, AM Gallardo, A King, J Rodriguez Galindo, MJ Ochoa Carabantes, T Craig, M Martinez Alfonso, C Montenegro, A Sevciovic Grumach
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Anaphylaxis Mediated by Thaumatin-like Proteins
J Azofra García, J Cuesta-Herranz, N Perea Lam, A Díaz-Perales
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Allergy to Galactose-Alpha-1,3-Galactose: Clinical Features and the Diagnostic Value of Cetuximab
A Martínez Arcediano, MT Audícana Berasategui, N Longo Areso, E Fernández Ibáñez, O Villarreal Balza de Vallejo, M Velasco Azagra, SM Reyes Dominguez, D Muñoz Lejarazu
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Anaphylaxis Due to Eruca sativa
M Ruiz Garcia, J Carnes, JR Leonor Cedena, MF Nieto
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Allergy to Rabbit Meat After Sensitization by Inhalation
C Martorell Calatayud, C Morales Rubio, B Bartolomé Zavala, S Ortega Sanchis, I Raducan I, A Pélaez Hernández
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Anaphylaxis Due to Pentoxifylline
F Carballada, L Guitián, R Nuñez, R Lopez, F Pineda, M Boquete
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Occupational Allergy to Ephestia kuehniella in the Biological Control Industry
MC Moreno Escobosa, B Bartolomé Zavala, J Amat López
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Naproxen Increases the Severity of Food-Dependent Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis: A Case Report
W Medrala, K Cieślik, W Barg, A Skotny, E Siwak, A Wolanczyk-Medrala
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