Issue 1, Volume 26, 2016

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The Treatment of Allergic Respiratory Disease During Pregnancy
Namazy JA, Schatz M
[summary] [PDF full-Text] Continual Medical Education (1.6 credits)

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: An Evidence-Based Approach to Therapy
González-Cervera J, Lucendo AJ
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Original Articles

Increased Postexercise Lipoxin A4 Levels in Exhaled Breath Condensate in Asthmatic Children With Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction
Tahan F, Eke Gungor H, Bicici E, Saraymen B, Akar HH
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Is the Quantification of Antigen-Specific Basophil Activation a Useful Tool for Monitoring Oral Tolerance Induction in Children With Egg Allergy?
Gamboa PM, Garcia-Lirio E, Gonzalez C, Gonzalez A, Martinez-Aranguren RM, Sanz María L
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Is Microarray Analysis Really Useful and Sufficient to Diagnose Nut Allergy in the Mediterranean Area?
Goikoetxea MJ, D’Amelio CM, Martínez-Aranguren R, Gamboa P, Garcia BE, Gómez F, Fernández J, Bartra J, Parra A, Alvarado MI, Alonso MI, González E, Terrados S, Moya C, Blanca-López N, Feo-Brito F, Villalba M, Díaz-Perales A, Sanz ML
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Safety of Ultrarush Venom Immunotherapy: Comparison Between Children and Adults
Nittner-Marszalska M, Cichocka-Jarosz E, Małaczyńska T, Kraluk B, Rosiek-Biegus M, Kosińska M, Pawłowicz R, Lis G
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Practitioner’s Corner

Life-threatening Reaction to Iron Dextran: Protocol for Induction of Tolerance
Cardona R, Sánchez J, Ramírez R
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Perception of Bronchodilation Assessed by Visual Analog Scale in Asthmatics: A Real-life Study
Ricciardolo FLM, Rindone E, Schiavetti I, Ciprandi G
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The Addition of Benzylpenicillin Does Not Increase the Skin Test Sensitivity Obtained With Classic ß-Lactam Determinants
Lacombe-Barrios J, Salas M, Gómez F, Doña I, Ariza A, Mayorga C, Blanca M, Montañez MI, Torres MJ
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Potentially Inappropriate Prescription in Patients With a History of Allergy to ß-Lactam Antibiotics: A Health Care Challenge
Manzaneque A, López-Cabezas C, Mensa M, García-Moral A, Sánchez-López J, Bartra J, Luis Valero A
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Genetic Analysis as a Practical Tool for Diagnosis of Hereditary Angioedema With Normal C1 Inhibitor: A Case Report
Moreno AS, Maia LSM, Palhas PB, Dias MM, Muglia VF, Castelli EC, Bork K, Arruda LK
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Does the Effect of Smoking on Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Vary by Race in Adults in a US National Survey?
Hines C, Mehari A, Gillum RF
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Home-Based Oral Immunotherapy With a Baked Egg Protocol
Bravin K, Luyt D
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Different Clinical Phenotypes in 2 Siblings With X-Linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
Wada T, Toma T, Yasui M, Inoue M, Kawa K, Imai K, Morio T, Yachie A
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Successful Capecitabine Desensitization for a Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity Reaction
Demir S, Olgac M, Saglam S, Gelincik A, Colakoglu B, Buyukozturk S
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Anaphylaxis Due to Oat Ingestion
Prados-Castaño M, Piñero-Saavedra M, Leguisamo-Milla S, Pastor C, Cuesta J, Bartolomé B
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Filaggrin Polymorphism Pro478Ser Is Associated With the Severity of Atopic Dermatitis and Colonization by Staphylococcal aureus
Lopes C, Rocha L, Sokhatska O, Soares J, Tavaria F, Correia O, Pintado M, Fernandes S, Delgado L, Moreira A
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