Issue 2, Volume 32, 2022

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Epithelial Barrier: Protector and Trigger of Allergic Disorders
Izquierdo E, Rodriguez-Coira J, Delgado-Dolset MI, Gomez-Casado C, Barber D, Escribese MM
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Dupilumab: A Review of Present Indications and Off-Label Uses
Muñoz-Bellido FJ, Moreno E, Dávila I
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Original Articles

Api m 6 and Api m 10 as Major Allergens in Patients With Honeybee Venom Allergy
Vega-Castro A, Rodríguez-Gil D, Martínez-Gomariz M, Gallego R, Peña MI, Palacios R
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Use of Dupilumab in 543 Adult Patients With Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis: A Multicenter, Retrospective Study
Nettis E, Ferrucci SM, Ortoncelli M, Pellacani G, Foti C, Di Leo E, Patruno C, Rongioletti F, Argenziano G, Macchia L, Tavecchio S, Napolitano M, Ribero S, Bonzano L, Romita P, Di Bona D, Nisticò SP, Piras V, Calabrese G, Detoraki C, Carbonara M, Fabbrocini G
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Clinical and Immunologic Changes due to Subcutaneous Immunotherapy With Cat and Dog Extracts Using an Ultrarush Up-Dosing Phase: A Real-Life Study
Uriarte SA, Grönlund H, Wintersand A, Bronge J, Sastre J
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Practitioner's Corner - Short Communications

Fractional Dosing of the Comirnaty Vaccine in 2 Patients With Immediate Acute Urticaria After the First Dose
Antón Gironés M, Montoro Lacomba J, Navarro Cascales T, Lindo Gutarra M, Marco de la Calle FM
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Consistency of Determination of sIgE and the Basophil Activation Test in Vespa velutina nigrithorax Allergy
Rodríguez-Vázquez V, Gómez-Rial J, Monsalve RI, Vidal C
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Findings in Chest High-Resolution Computed Tomography in Severe Asthma
Extremera Ortega AM, Moreno Lozano L, González Jiménez OM, Borja Segade J, Joyanes Romo JB, Muñoz Rodríguez JR, Feo-Brito F, Galindo Bonilla PA
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Practitioner's Corner - Case Reports

Exacerbation Rate Reduction With Mepolizumab Stratified by Maintenance Oral Corticosteroids Use and Eosinophil Levels: A Post Hoc Analysis of the DREAM and MENSA Studies
Bobolea I, Bañas D, Melero C, de Andrés AI, Joksaite S, Sánchez-Herrero G
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Anaphylaxis due to Ingestion of Silene vulgaris
Haroun-Díaz E, Torres Rojas I, Blanca-López N, Somoza Álvarez ML, Martín-Pedraza L, Ruano FJ, Vázquez de la Torre M, Cuesta-Herranz J, Bartolomé B, Blanca M, Canto G
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Sugammadex-Induced Anaphylaxis: 2 Case Reports
Lazo Uslar C, Navarro Vives L, Miquel Marco S, Roger Reig A, Basagaña Torrento M
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Anaphylaxis to Goat’s and Sheep’s Milk in an Adult Who Tolerated Cow’s Milk: A Sensitization Profile Study
Hirsiger JR, Heijnen IAFM, Hartmann K, Berger CT
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Caution Against Temporary Tolerance and Negative Skin Testing During the Anergic Period Following Systemic Reactions
Li PH, Chiang V, Yeung HHF, Au EYL
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DRESS Syndrome: Patch Testing as a Diagnostic Method That Brings Us Closer to a Definitive Result
García-Paz V, González-Rivas M, Otero-Alonso A
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Anaphylactic Reactions With 3 Nonrelated Drugs (Gadoteridol, Paclitaxel, Bevacizumab) in a Patient With Severe Comorbidities
González-Bravo L, Laiseca García J, Alonso-Díaz-de-Durana MD, Nieto Nieto A, Álvarez-Twose I, Tejedor Alonso MA, Alfaya Arias T
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Severe Perioperative Anaphylaxis due to Allergy to the Sugammadex-Rocuronium Complex
Lopez-Raigada A, Vega de la Osada F, Lopez-Sanz C, Múgica García MV, Alfranca A, Blanco C
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