Issue 1, Volume 33, 2023

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Response to Monoclonal Antibodies in Asthma: Definitions, Potential Reasons for Failure, and Therapeutic Options for Suboptimal Response
Pérez de Llano L, Cisneros C, Domínguez-Ortega J, Martínez-Moragón E, Olaguibel JM, Plaza V, Quirce S, Dávila I
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Original Articles

Clinical and Immunological Characterization of Perilla Seed Allergy in Children
Jeong K, Lee S-Y, Jeon S-A, Gantulga P, Nam JY, Hong S-J, Lee S
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Sex Differences in Baseline Risk Factors for Asthma Between Early Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Kalm-Stephens P, Nordvall L, Janson C, Malinovschi A, Alving K
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Systemic Corticosteroids in Patients With Bronchial Asthma: A Real-Life Study
Izquierdo JL, Almonacid C, Campos C, Morena D, Benavent M, González-de-Olano d, Rodríguez JM
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Improvement in Olfaction in Patients With CRSwNP and Severe Asthma Taking Anti-IgE and Anti–IL-5 Biologics: A Real-Life Study
Barroso B, Valverde-Monge M, Alobid I, Olaguibel JM, Rial MJ, Quirce S, Arismendi E, Barranco P, Betancor D, Bobolea I, Cárdaba B, Cruz Carmona MJ, Curto E, Domínguez-Ortega J, González-Barcala FJ, Martínez-Rivera C, Mahíllo-Fernández I, Muñoz X, Picado C, Plaza V, Rodrigo Muñoz JM, Soto-Retes L, Valero A, del Pozo V, Mullol J, Sastre J
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Practitioner’s Corner

Selective Allergy to Whiff (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis): Identification of Enolase as a New Major Allergen
Haroun Díaz E, Martín-Pedraza L, Betancor D, Somoza ML, Blanca-López N, Vázquez de la Torre M, Luna L, Bartolomé B, Pastor-Vargas C, Cuesta-Herranz J, Ruano FJ
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Is Hen’s Egg Allergy Decreasing Among Japanese Children in Nurseries?
Tanaka Y, Yamakana A, Motoyama Y, Kusunoki T
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Recurrent Bronchospasm in Children Treated in the Emergency Department
Marques-Mejias MA, Tomás-Pérez M, Hernández-Martin I, Loli-Ausejo D, Quirce S
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The Lymphocyte Transformation Test in Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions Induced by Ibuprofen and/or Metamizole
Nin-Valencia A, Domínguez-Ortega J, Cabañas R, Sánchez H, Fiandor A, Lluch M, Ramírez E, Gómez- Traseira C, Rodríguez A, González-Muñoz M
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Efficacy of Mepolizumab in Patients With Severe Eosinophilic Asthma and Concomitant Severe Chronic Urticaria: An Example of Personalized Medicine?
Antonicelli L, Tontini C, Garritani MS, Piga MA, Bilò MB
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Dupilumab Remarkably Improved Eustachian Tube Obstruction: A Case of Mepolizumab-Resistant Eosinophilic Otitis Media
Takeshita Y, Tada Y, Okano M, To M, To Y
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Two New Allergens in Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Allergy
Carpio-Escalona LV, Fernández-Lozano C, Peracho L, Martínez-Alonso E, Rita CG, Martínez-Botas J, Alcázar A, de la Hoz Caballer B
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Acute Sialadenitis to a Gadolinium Contrast Medium
Beriziky P, Bara C, Lemeunier V, Mear A, Maillard H
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Pistachio Allergens: The Long Journey Between Mother and Daughter
Villalobos V, Betancor D, Pastor-Vargas C, Martin L, Cuesta J, Rodríguez del Río P, Escudero C
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Myosin Heavy Chain: An Allergen Involved in Anaphylaxis to Shrimp Head
Saenz de San Pedro B, López Guerrero A, Navarrete del Pino MA, Alcántara Villar M, Álvarez F, López-Matas MA, Carnés J
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Selective Allergy to Wedge Sole (Dicologlossa cuneata) due to ß-Parvalbumin
Bartha I, Ramos T, Pineda F, Vega F, Belver MT, Blanco C
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Polyethylene Glycol Allergy: Risks of Skin Testing and Complement-Mediated Anaphylaxis
Chiang V, Kan AKC, Yeung HHY, Au EYL, Lau CS, Li PH
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Letters to the Editor

Changes in Thymus and Activation-Regulated Chemokine in Patients With Type 2 Inflammatory Disease Receiving Dupilumab
Zhou B, Liang S, Shang S, Xiang L, Li L
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