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Correlation between pollen counts and symptoms in two different areas of the Iberian Peninsula: Cordoba (Spain) and Evora (Portugal)


J.A. Sánchez Mesa*, R. Brandao**, L. Lopes***, C. Galan*

* Department of Plant Biology, University of Cordoba, Spain
** Department of Biology, University of Evora, Portugal
*** Espirito Santo Hospital, Evora, Portugal

J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2005; Vol. 15(2): 112-116



Summary. This work was designed to analyse the symptoms of pollen allergy in two different cities of the Iberian Peninsula, Cordoba and Evora.
Fifteen patients with pollinosis in Cordoba and twenty-seven in Evora were included in this study. Rhinitis symptoms scores were recorded in both cities in order to correlate these data with those of pollen counts. Linear regression analyses were performed in order to find out the contribution of different taxa to the sign of allergy symptoms in the allergenic population. Skin prick tests were also considered. A high and significant correlation was found for Poaceae (0.89), Olea (0.73) and Plantago (0.56) in Cordoba and Olea (0.53) in Evora. Results also suggest that the incidence of the different pollen types in allergy patients is higher in Cordoba than in Evora. A rural lifestyle in Evora that confers a better protection from environmental agents in addition to a less contaminated atmosphere could be the cause.

Key words
: Aerobiology, pollen allergy, allergic rhinitis, pollinosis, seasonal symptoms.