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Epidemiologic, Clinical and Socioeconomic Factors of Atopic Dermatitis in Spain: Alergológica-2005


A Martorell Aragonés1, R Félix Toledo1, A Martorell Calatayud 2, JC Cerdá Mir1

1 Allergology Unit, Consorcio Hospital General Universitario, Valencia, Spain
2 Dermatology Service, Instituto Valenciano de Oncología, Valencia, Spain
In name of the Atopic Dermatitis Research Group of the Multicenter Alergológica-2005 Study

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2009; Vol. 19, Suppl. 2: 27-33



Objective: To analyze the clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of the population with atopic dermatitis (AD) consulting in Allergology services in Spain.

Materials and Methods: The study was a multi-center, observational, descriptive, cross-sectional epidemiologic study with prospective collection of data on patients consulting for the fi rst time in Allergology services in Spain. By means of a data collection record, personal and specific variables were collected during the calendar year 2005 from a total of 4991 patients with AD.

Results: AD was diagnosed in 171 patients (3.4% of patients seen in Allergology services), which represented no signifi cant change with regard to the Alergológica-1992 study. In 72% of cases, AD was associated with other allergic disorders. The mean age of the onset of clinical manifestations of AD was 1 year and 4 months. During the fi rst consultations, the suspected diagnosis of AD was established in 83% of cases. In 58% of cases the cause was considered idiopathic and 42% were associated with sensitization to allergens. In 10% of patients with AD the triggering allergens were foods and in 26% aeroallergens. Most patients (94%) received hydrating skin and drug
treatment (anti-histamines 73%, topical corticoids 49%, calcineurin inhibitors 31%). Only 10% of patients followed an exclusion diet.

Conclusions: No signifi cant increase in the demand for AD consultations was observed in comparison with Alergológica-1992. AD was frequently associated with other allergic disorders. In few cases was food involved in the etiology of the disease. In most cases nothing more than topical drug treatment was indicated.

Key words: Atopic dermatitis. Epidemiology. Treatment.