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Seasonal Administration of Omalizumab in Patients With Uncontrolled Asthma and Sensitization to Olive Pollen

Pollen Serrano P1,2,3, Navas A1,2,3, Ruiz-León B1,2,3, Herrero L4, Rondón C3,5, Jurado A1,2,3, Moreno-Aguilar C1,2,3

1Department of Immunology and Allergy, Reina Sofia University Hospital, Córdoba, Spain
2Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Córdoba (IMIBIC)/ Reina Sofia University Hospital/University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain
3National Network ARADyAL, Carlos III Health Institute, Madrid, Spain
4Department of Information, Computer Systems and Archives Systems (Contabilidad Analítica), Hospital Infanta Margarita, Cabra, Córdoba, Spain
5Biomedical Research Institute of Málaga (IBIMA)/Allergy Unit Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga, Málaga, Spain

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2021; Vol 31(5) : 436-438
doi: 10.18176/jiaci.0657

Key words: Asthma, Omalizumab, Olive pollen, Seasonal