Issue 4, Volume 14, 2004

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Original Articles

Cellular Allergen Stimulation Test (CAST) 2003, a review
A.L. de Weck, M.L. Sanz
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Continuing Medical Education. The point of view of asthmatic patients at the beginning of a mandatory CME system
F. Braido, M. Pasquali, l. Baiardini, E. Compalati, G. Passalacqua and G. Walter Canonica
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Basophil activation and sulfidoleukotriene production in patients with immediate allergy to betalactam antibiotics and negative skin tests
P.M. Gamboa, M.C. Garc
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Clinical evaluation of response to long-term treatment with Pranlukast in patients with bronchial asthma
T. Niitsuma, J. Izawa, N. Maruoka, M. Nukaga, A. Tsuji, M. Okita, K. Sakurai, S. Morita, M. Tsuyuguchi, Y. Matsumura, T. Hayashi
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Low B12 levels in chronic idiopathic urticaria
N. Mete, O. Gulbahar, A. Aydin, A. Z Sin, A. Kokuludag, F. Sebik
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Aerobiology as a tool to help in episodes of occupational allergy in work places
P. Cari
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Clinical features of patients showing Candida hypersensitivity: an observational study
R Asero, G Bottazzi
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Prospective safety study of immunotherapy administered in a cluster schedule
P. Serrano1 J. Algorta, A. Mart
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Antigen-presenting cells in the hypertrophic pharyngeal tonsils: a histochemical, immunuhistochemical and ultrastructural study
M. Kemal
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The multiple faces of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug hypersensitivity
M. S
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IgE reactivity to profilin in platanus acerifolia pollen-sensitized subjects with plant-derived food allergy
E. Enrique, R. Alonso, B. Bartolom
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Case Report

Chronic autoreactive urticaria at six years of age
R. Asero, M. Lorini, A. Tedeschi
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Bread eating induced oral angioedema due to alfa-amylase allergy
A. Moreno-Ancillo, C. Dom
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Paradoxical coexistence of atopic asthma and Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type I (HTLV-I) infection: a case report
A. Souza-Machado,
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