Issue 1, Volume 15, 2005

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Histamine in chronic allergic responses
M. Jutel, K. Blaser, C. A. Akdis
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Pollen allergy in Cordoba city: frequency of sensitization and relation with antihistamine sales
J. A. S
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Original Articles

Efficacy of sublingual allergen vaccination for respiratory allergy in children. Conclusions from one meta-analysis
J.M. Olagu
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Specific IgG to Thermoactynomices vulgaris, Micropolyspora faeni and Aspergillus fumigatus in building workers exposed to Esparto grass (plasterers) and in patients with esparto-induced hypersensitivity pneumonitis
P.M. Gamboa, F. Urbaneja, I. Olaizola, J.A. Boyra , G. Gonz
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Rupatadine 10 mg and cetirizine 10 mg in seasonal allergic rhinitis: A randomised, double-blind parallel stu
C. Mart
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Skin tests with native, depigmented and glutaraldehyde polymerized allergen extracts
M. Casanovas, M. J. G
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Antigen specific quantification of sulfidoleukotrienes in patients allergic to Betalactam antibiotics
C. Garc
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Serological prevalence of anti-latex IgE antibodies in unselected blood donors in Argentina
G. H. Docena, C. A. Fossati
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Bone mineral density in asthmatic patients using low dose inhaled glucocorticosteroids
O. El, S. Gulbahar, E. Ceylan, G. Ergor, E. Sahin, O. Senocak, S. Once, A. Cımrın
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Allergen immunotherapy decreases specific allergen-induced expression of Fas and FasL on CD4+ and CD8+ cells
T. Zak-Nejmark, I.-Anna Nowak, J. Malolepszy
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IgA and/or IgG subclass deficiency in children with recurrent respiratory infections and its relationship with chronic pulmonary damage
H. Ozkan, F. Atlihan, F. Genel, S. Targan, T. Gunvar
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Case Report

Anaphylaxis produced by Oxaliplatin
R. Asero, M. Lorini, A. Tedeschi
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Recurrent urticaria lesions in a heparin-allergic patient: Most likely another form of "recall urticaria"
Z. Caliskaner, M. Karaayvaz, S.
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Occupational asthma caused by Ipe(Tabebuia spp) dust
E. Algranti, E. Medina Coeli Mendon
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