Issue 3, Volume 15, 2005

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Original Articles

Cancer incidence in 13,811 patients skin tested for allergy
N.E. Eriksson, Z. Mikoczy, L. Hagmar
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Direct and prolonged exposure to dogs does not influence the degree of skin prick test positivity to dog allergen
G. Liccardi, G. D
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Changes in the thymus- and activation- regulated chemokine (TARC) associated with allergen immunotherapy in patients with perennial allergic rhinitis
H. Takeuchi, Y. Yamamoto, H. Kitano, T. Enomoto
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Distribution of primary immunodeficiency disorders diagnosed in the Children
A. Farhoudi, A. Aghamohammadi, M. Moin, N. Rezaei, Z. Pourpak, M. Movahedi, M. Gharagozlou, A. Tahaei, B. MirSaeid Ghazi, M. Mahmoudi, A. Kouhi, L. Atarod, A. Ahmadi Afshar, N. Bazargan, A. Isaeian
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Increase in prevalence of rhinoconjunctivitis but not asthma and atopic eczema in teenagers
C.A. Riedi, N.A. Ros
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Mite allergen exposure, sensitisation and clinical symptoms in Valdivia, Chile
M. Conde, E. Fern
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Acute effect of nebulized budesonide in asthmatic children
Y. Nuhoglu, E. Atas, C. Nuhoglu, M. Iscan, S. Ozcay
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Validation of the Spanish version of the phase III ISAAC questionnaire on asthma
C. Mata Fern
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Hypoxemia: an early indication of pigeon breeders’ disease. Clinical and laboratory findings among pigeon breeders in the Salonica area
K. Charitopoulos, D. Gioulekas, L. Sichletidis, D. Chloros, V. Vamvakopoulou, K. Zarogoulidis
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Case Report

Allergy to sea fishing baits
R. F
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Occupational asthma caused by white mushroom
M. Venturini, T. Lobera, A. Blasco, M.D. del Pozo, I. Gonz
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Acute pancreatitis possibly caused by allergy to bananas
H. Inamura, Y. Kashiwase, J. Morioka, M. Kurosawa
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Anaphylaxis due to Brazil nut skin testing in a walnut-allergic subject
G. Senna, P. Bonadonna, M. Crivellaro, M. Schiappoli, G. Passalacqua
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Allergy to mammal´s meat in adult life: immunologic and follow-up study
V. Fuentes Aparicio, I. S
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