Issue 3, Volume 16, 2006

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Rhinitis Medicamentosa
JT Ramey , E Bailen, RF Lockey
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Original Articles

The Butterbur Extract Petasin Has No Effect on Skin Test Reactivity Induced by Different Stimuli: a Randomized, Double-Blind Crossover Study Using Histamine, Codeine, Methacholine, and Aeroallergen Solutions
C Gex-Collet , L Imhof, A Brattstr
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Safety and Immunological Changes During Sublingual Immunotherapy With Standardized Quality Grass Allergen Tablets
HJ Malling, L Lund, H Ipsen, L Poulsen
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House Dust Mite Species and Allergen Levels in Galicia, Spain: a Cross-Sectional, Multicenter, Comparative Study
M Boquete , V Iraola, E Fernández-Caldas, L Arenas Villaroel, FJ Carballada, C González de la Cuesta, MR López-Rico, R Núñez Orjales, A Parra, MT Soto-Mera, S Varela , C Vidal
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In Vitro and In Vivo Biological Activities of Old and Fresh Cupressus arizonica Pollen
R Ariano, G Mistrello , G Mincigrucci, E Bricchi, O Iannotti , G Frenguelli, G Passalacqua, RC Panzani
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Effect of Extensively Hydrolyzed Milk Formula on Growth and Resistance to Bronchitis and Atopic Dermatitis in Infants and Toddlers
E Estrada-Reyes, G García-Hernández , A Martínez-Gimeno, AA Nava-Ocampo
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Amphotericin B and Lysine Acetylsalicylate in the Combined Treatment of Nasal Polyposis Associated With Mycotic Infection
C Corradini, M Del Ninno, A Buonomo, E Nucera , G. Paludetti , C Alonzi, V Sabato, D Schiavino, G Patriarca
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Significant Improvement of Specific Bronchial Hyperreactivity in Asthmatic Children After 4 Months of Treatment With a Modified Extract of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
M Ibero, MJ Castillo
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Case Report

Anaphylactic Reaction to Drugs Commonly Used for Gastrointestinal System Diseases: 3 Case Reports and Review of the Literature
K Demirkan, B Bozkurt, G Karakaya, AF Kalyoncu
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Erythroderma due to Aztreonam and Clindamycin
MA Gonzalo-Garijo, D de Argila
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Exotic Pets Are New Allergenic Sources: Allergy to Iguana
MM San Miguel-Monc
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Oral Rush Desensitization With Tomato: A Case Report
E Nucera, D Schiavino, A Buonomo, C Roncallo, E Pollastrini, C Lombardo, C Alonzi, V Pecora, T De Pasquale, G Patriarca
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