Issue 4, Volume 20, 2010

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Original Articles

Extent and Burden of Allergic Diseases in Elementary Schoolchildren: A National Multicenter Study
E Civelek, B Cakir, AB Boz, H Yuksel, F Orhan, A Uner, BE Sekerel
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Peanut Allergy: Is Maternal Transmission of Antigens During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding a Risk Factor?
A DesRoches, C Infante-Rivard, L Paradis, J Paradis, E Haddad
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Grass Pollen, Aeroallergens, and Clinical Symptoms in Ciudad Real, Spain
F Feo Brito, P Mur Gimeno, J Carnés, E Fernández-Caldas, P Lara, AM Alonso, R García, F Guerra
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Clinical Correlates and Determinants of Airway Inflammation in Pediatric Asthma
A Cano-Garcinuño, I Carvajal-Urueña, CA Díaz-Vázquez, B Domínguez- Aurrecoechea, Á García-Merino, P Mola-Caballero de Rodas, I Mora-Gandarillas
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Prevalence of Symptoms of Eczema in Latin America: Results of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) Phase 3
D Solé, J Mallol, GF Wandalsen, V Aguirre, Latin American ISAAC Phase 3 Study Group
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Effects of Cigarette Smoke Extract and Nicotine on Bronchial Tone and Acetylcholine-Induced Airway Contraction in Mouse Lung Slices
E Streck, RA Jörres, RM Huber, A Bergner
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Identification of Clinically Relevant Cross-Sensitization Between Soliadgo virgaurea (Goldenrod) and Hevea brasiliensis (Natural Rubber Latex)
SN Bains, RG Hamilton, S Abouhassan, D Lang, Y Han, FH Hsieh
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Polymorphisms in the Toll-like Receptor 2 Subfamily and Risk of Asthma: A Case-control Analysis in a Chinese Population
F-H Qian, Q Zhang, L-F Zhou, G-F Jin, J-L Bai, K-S Yin
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Special Article

Sublingual Immunotherapy in Polysensitized Patients: Effect on Quality of Life
G Ciprandi, G Cadario, C Valle, E Ridolo, M Verini, M Di Gioacchino, M Minelli, S Gangemi, V Sillano, C Colangelo, V Pravettoni, R Pellegrino, P Borrelli, A Fiorina, A Carosso, A Gasparini, GG Riario-Sforza, C Incorvaia, P Puccinelli, S Scurati, F Frati
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Case Report

Anaphylactic Reaction due to Cyclopentolate in a 4-Year-Old Child
C Tayman, E Mete, F Çatal, H Akca
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Occupational Asthma Caused by Turbot Allergy in 3 Fish-Farm Workers
C Pérez Carral, J Martín-Lázaro, A Ledesma, F de la Torre
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Practitioner’s Corner

Anaphylaxis Due to Pachycondyla goeldii Ant: A Case Report
E Costa Manso, M Croce, JRAS Pinto, K Souza Santos, L Delazari Santos, N Baptista Dias, MS Palma
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A Hidden Cause of Perioperative Anaphylaxis
MR Caballero, J Lukawska, P Dugué
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2-Phenoxyethanol-Induced Contact Urticaria and Anaphylaxis
R Núñez Orjales, C Carballas Vázquez, F Carballada González, M Boquete París
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Garlic-Induced Severe Anaphylaxis in a Nonatopic Patient
V Vovolis, L Kalogiros, D Ivanova, N Koutsostathis
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Childhood Asthma in Children Living in Urban Areas
MJ Fonseca, A Moreira, P Moreira, L Delgado, V Teixeira, P Padrão
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Selective Immunoglobulin M Deficiency in a Patient With Refractory Giardiasis
T Kampitak
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Immunoglobulin E–Mediated Anaphylaxis to Rabeprazole
V Vovolis, K Christogianni, N Koutsostathis
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Exposure to Risky Concentrations of Dermatophagoides Allergens in a High-Altitude Population (Quito, 2800 m Above Sea Level in the Andean Mountains)
R Valdivieso, M Estupiñañ, V Iraola
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Letters to the Editor

Fungal Colonization in Nasal Polyposis
D El-Qutob López
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In Memoriam

Professor D. José Conde Hernández
Dr. Tomás Chivato Pérez
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