Issue 2, Volume 23, 2013

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Phenotypes and Endotypes of Uncontrolled Severe Asthma: New Treatments
P Campo, F Rodríguez, S Sánchez-García, P Barranco, S Quirce, C Pérez-Francés, E Gómez-Torrijos, R Cárdenas, JM Olaguíbel, J Delgado
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Original Articles

Association Between the Interleukin 6 Genotype at Position –174 and Atopic Dermatitis
M Ghragozlou, E Farhadi, M Khaledi, N Behniafard, S Sotoudeh, R Salari, B Darabi, SM Fathi, M Mahmoudi, A Aghamohammadi, AA Amirzargar, N Rezaei
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B-Cell Subsets in Patients With Transient Hypogammaglobulinemia of Infancy, Partial IgA Deficiency, and Selective IgM Deficiency
FE Çipe, F Dog(u, D Gülog(lu, C Aytekin, M Polat, Z B?y?kli, A Ikinciog(ullar?
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Differences in the Behavior of Advanced Glycation End Products and Advanced Oxidation Protein Products in Patients With Allergic Rhinitis
G Di Lorenzo, PL Minciullo, MS Leto-Barone, S La Porta, A Saija, S Gangemi
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IL4 Gene Polymorphisms and Their Association With Atopic Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis in Pakistani Patients
S Micheal, K Minhas, M Ishaque, F Ahmed, A Ahmed
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Nonadverse Effects on Allergenicity of Isopentenyltransferase-Transformed Broccoli
EC Liao, JT Chen, ML Chao, SC Yu, CY Chang, WS Chu, JJ Tsai
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Soluble CD26 and CD30 Levels in Patients With Common Variable Immunodeficiency
M Mahmoudi, M Hedayat, A Aghamohammadi, N Rezaei
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Practitioner’s Corner

In Vitro Production of Ag-Specific IFN-? in Patients With Delayed Hypersensitivity to Amoxicillin
R Martínez-Aranguren, PM Gamboa, E García-Lirio, MJ Goikoetxea, G Gastaminza, ML Sanz
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Baseline Tryptase Levels Are Related to Age, Total IgE, and Anti-rPru p 3 IgE Levels in Peach-Allergic Patients
EA Pastorello, L Farioli, G Scibilia, V Pravettoni, A Mascheri, C Stafylaraki, M Nichelatti, L Balossi, R Asero
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Recurrent Angioedema Associated With Secondary Eosinophilia
M Cugno, M Romano, LC Morlacchi, R Grande, A Tedeschi
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Usefulness of Oral Food Challenge and a Visual Analog Scale in the Etiologic Diagnosis of Eosinophilic Esophagitis
T Valbuena, A Fiandor, S Quirce, AJ Lucendo, T Caballero
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Fixed Drug Eruption Caused by Piperacillin-Tazobactam
A Santosa, BW Teo, LP-C Shek
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Profilin May Be a Primary Airborne Sensitizer: A Case Report
R Asero, D Villalta
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Duck Egg Allergy in a Patient Who Tolerates Hen’s Eggs
S Fernández Cortés, A Fernández García, A Armentia Medina, F Pineda
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Chronic Granulomatous Disease Caused by a Novel Mutation in a 2-Month-Old Boy With Multifocal Splenic Abscesses
M Jesenak, Z Havlicekova, P Banovcin, MJ Styasia
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A Case of DRESS Syndrome Induced by Dipyrone
MA Díaz, S Calaforra, R Almero, C Pujol, MD Hernández F de Rojas
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