Issue 2, Volume 26, 2016

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Mechanisms of Anaphylaxis Beyond IgE
Muñoz-Cano R, Bartra J, Picado C, Valero A
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Original Articles

Seasonal Local Allergic Rhinitis in Areas With High Concentrations of Grass Pollen
Blanca-Lopez N, Campo P, Salas M, García Rodríguez C, Palomares F, Blanca M, Canto G, Feo Brito F, Rondon C
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Is the ISAC 112 Microarray Useful in the Diagnosis of Pollinosis in Spain?
García BE, Martínez-Aranguren R, Bernard Alonso A, Gamboa P, Feo Brito F, Bartra J, Blanca-López N, Gómez F, Alvarado MI, Fernández J, Alonso MD, Gonzalez-Mancebo E, Moya C, Parra A, Terrados S, Sola L, Goikoetxea MJ, Sanz ML
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Cross-reactivity and Tolerability of Ertapenem in Patients With IgE-Mediated Hypersensitivity to β-Lactams
Buonomo A, Pascolini L, Rizzi A, Aruanno A, Pecora V, Ricci AG, Mezzacappa S, Di Rienzo A, Centrone M, Nucera E, Schiavino D
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Vitamin D Receptor Gene BSMI, FOKI, APAI, and TAQI Polymorphisms and the Risk of Atopic Dermatitis
Kılıç S, Sılan F, Hız MM, Işık S, Ögretmen Z, Özdemir Ö
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Practitioner’s Corner

A Unique Case of Angioedema With Anti-C1 Inhibitor Antibodies and Normal C1 Inhibitor Levels
Bova M, Petraroli A, Loffredo S, Marone G, Triggiani M
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Clinical Characteristics of Patients Sensitized to Siberian Hamster
Torres JA, Sastre J, Vivanco F, Sanz Maroto A, de las Heras M, Pastor-Vargas C
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Comparison of Pollen Levels Between 2 Pollen Traps in Salamanca, Spain
Rodríguez D, Dávila I, Sánchez E, Lorente F, Sánchez J
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Quail’s Egg–Induced Severe Enterocolitis in a Child Tolerant to Hen’s Egg: First Reported Case
Sanlidag B, Babayigit Hocaoglu A, Bahceciler N
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Positive Allergy Study (Intradermal, Patch, and Lymphocyte Transformation Tests) in a Case of Isoniazid-Induced DRESS
Arruti N, Villarreal O, Bernedo N, Audicana MT, Velasco M, Uriel O, Martinez A, Bellón T
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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of 3 Methacholine Challenge Tests: Importance of Simplified Protocols
Martínez-Cerón E, García A, Casitas R, Galera R, García-Río F
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Rivaroxaban-Induced Drug Reaction With Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms
Radu C, Barnig C, de Blay F
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Measurement of Lung Function and Bronchial Inflammation in Children Is Underused by Spanish Allergists
Sánchez-García S, Olaguibel JM, Quirce S, Ibáñez MD on behalf of the Pediatric Allergy Committee, Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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Symmetrical Drug-Related Intertriginous and Flexural Exanthema (SDRIFE) Caused by Etoricoxib
Caralli ME, Seoane Rodríguez M, Rojas Pérez-Ezquerra P, Pelta Fernández R, De Barrio Fernández M
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A Desensitization Method to Maintain Enzyme Replacement Therapy in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI
Kör D, Şeker Yilmaz B, Bulut FD, Önenli Mungan N, Ufuk Altıntaş D
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Successful Desensitization to Cetuximab in a Patient With a Positive Skin Test to Cetuximab and Specific IgE to Alpha-gal
García-Menaya JM, Cordobés-Durán C, Gómez-Ulla J, Zambonino MA, Mahecha AC, Chiarella GM, Giangrande N, Bobadilla-González P
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A Case of Erythritol Allergy Studied by Basophil Histamine Release and CD203c Expression In Vitro in Addition to a Challenge Test In Vivo
Harada N, Hiragun M, Mizuno M, Kawaguchi T, Ishii K, Yanase Y, Hiragun T, Sugita Y, Hide M
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Anthropometric and Spirometric Correlates of FeNO in Healthy Schoolchildren
Zejda JE, Barański K, Brożek G
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Eosinophilic Esophagitis: A New Possible Comorbidity in Difficult-to-Control Asthma?
Gomez Torrijos E, Rodriguez Sanchez J, Mendez Díaz Yesica C, Borja Segade JM, Galindo Bonilla PA, Feo-Brito JF, Garcia Rodríguez R
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Component-Based Allergen-Microarray: Der p 2 and Der f 2 Dust Mite Sensitization Is More Common in Patients With Severe Asthma
Sylvestre L, Jégu J, Metz-Favre C, Barnig C, Qi S, de Blay F
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