Issue 6, Volume 26, 2016

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Allergic Fungal Airway Disease
Rick EM, Woolnough K, Pashley CH, Wardlaw AJ
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Original Articles

IgE-Api m 4 Is Useful for Identifying a Particular Phenotype of Bee Venom Allergy
Ruiz B, Serrano P, Moreno C
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IgE Reactivity to Polcalcins Varies According to Pollen Source
Asero R, Mistrello G, Amato S
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Insect Venom Immunotherapy: Analysis of the Safety and Tolerance of 3 Buildup Protocols Frequently Used in Spain
Gutiérrez Fernández D, Moreno-Ancillo A, Fernández Meléndez S, Domínguez-Noche C, Gálvez Ruiz P, Alfaya Arias T, and the remaining members of the SEAIC Committee on Allergy to Hymenoptera
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Practitioner’s Corner

Broad Bean–Induced Anaphylaxis: A Case Report
Rodríguez-Mazariego ME, Fuentes Aparicio V, Bartolomé Zavala B, Acevedo Matos M, Zapatero Remón L
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Linseed Allergy Due to LTP: Another Food for LTP Syndrome
Antolin-Amerigo D, Rodríguez-Rodríguez M, Barbarroja- Escudero J, Sánchez-González MJ, Haroun-Díaz E, Cuesta- Herranz J, Pastor-Vargas C, Alvarez-Mon M
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Accelerated-type Reactions to High Parenteral Doses of Metamizole in Patients Who Tolerated Therapeutic Doses of Oral Metamizole and Other NSAIDs
Prados M, Labella M, Baynova K
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Serious Adverse Reaction to Timolol Eye Drops in a 7-Year-Old Boy With Glaucoma and Asthma
Cano-Mollinedo MdM, Rodríguez del Río P, Sánchez-García S, Escudero C, Ibañez MD
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Allergy to Blue Dye
Martín-Lázaro J, Núñez-Orjales R, Battikhi-Precedo N, López-Freire S, Carballada-González F
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Triggers and Prodromal Symptoms of Angioedema Attacks in Patients With Hereditary Angioedema
Caballero T, Maurer M, Longhurst HJ, Aberer W, Bouillet L, Fabien V, for the IOS Study Group
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Fungal Allergens in a Saxophonist Who Had Never Smoked With Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis Previously Diagnosed as COPD
Moreno-Ancillo A, Gil-Adrados AC, Pineda F, Jurado-Palomo J, Gutiérrez-Fernández D, Moreno-Gil R
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Vaginal Capsules: An Unsuspected Probable Source of Exposure to α-Gal
Vidal C, Méndez-Brea P, López-Freire S, González-Vidal T
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A Bronchovascular Anomaly in a Patient With 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome
Romano R, Cirillo E, Giardino G, Gallo V, Mollica C, Pignata C
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Successful Desensitization to Vitamin D in a Patient With Vitamin D Deficiency
Unal D, Coskun R, Demir S, Gelincik A, Colakoglu B, Buyukozturk S
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Anaphylaxis Due to the Excipient Polysorbate 80
Palacios Castaño MI, Venturini Díaz M, Lobera Labairu T, González Mahave I, del Pozo Gil MD, Blasco Sarramián A
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Component-Resolved Diagnosis: Impact on Indications for Therapy in Patients With Respiratory Allergy and Sensitization to Multiple Pollens in Catalonia, Spain
Depreux N, Quilez E, Roger A, Basagaña M
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IgE-Mediated Anaphylaxis Induced by Macrogol 6000
Caballero ML, Lluch-Bernal M, Vilà-Nadal G, Lluncor M, Quirce S
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Analysis of Allergy Alerts Registered in a Hospital Electronic Health Record System
Huerta-Vena A, González-de-Olano D, González-Mancebo E, Sebastián-Viana T, Lechuga-Suárez LA, Mohedano-Vicente E, Gandolfo-Cano M
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Letters to the Editor

Is Allergic Sensitization to Siberian Hamster Preventable in High-Risk Individuals Who Are Already Sensitized or Exposed to Furry Animals?
Liccardi G, Salzillo A, Calzetta L, Piccolo A, Puxeddu E, Rogliani P
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Reply to Liccardi et al
Sastre J
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