Issue 5, Volume 19, 2009

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Neutrophils and Asthma
J Monteseirín
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Original Articles

Nonsteroidal Anti-infl ammatory Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome. A Multicenter Study I. Clinical Findings and In Vitro Diagnosis
Mayorga, W Medrala, A Merk, GJ Sturm, J Sainte-Laudy, MS Schneider, A Sczczeklik, JM Weber, A Wedi, and members of the ENDA group
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COX-2 Inhibition Attenuates Cough Reflex Sensitivity to Inhaled Capsaicin in Patients With Asthma
Y Ishiura, M Fujimura, H Yamamoto, T Ishiguro, N Ohkura, S Myou
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The A–444C Polymorphism in the Leukotriene C4 Synthase Gene Is Associated With Aspirin-Induced Urticaria
M Sánchez-Borges, N Acevedo, C Vergara, S Jiménez, P Zabner-Oziel, A Monzón, L Caraballo
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High Prevalence of Asthma and Allergic Diseases in Children Aged 6 and 7 Years From the Canary Islands: The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood
B Sánchez-Lerma, FJ Morales-Chirivella, I Peñuelas, C Blanco Guerra, F Mesa Lugo, I Aguinaga-Ontoso, F Guillén-Grima
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Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Genes Predisposing to Asthma in Children of Chinese Han Nationality
H Li, D Xiaoyan, L Quanhua, L Jie, B Yixiao
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Reference Values For Facilitating the Interpretation of the ESPRINT-15 Questionnaire (Spanish Version)
A Valero, E Baró, J Sastre, AM Navarro-Pulido, I Izquierdo, E Martí-Guadaño, M Ferrer, I Dávila, A del Cuvillo, C Colas,I Antepara, J Alonso, J Mullol
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Case Report

Itraconazole, an Effective Adjunctive Treatment for Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
A Santos, G Loureiro, E Faria, C Chieira
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Selective Allergy to Lobster in a Case of Primary Sensitization to House Dust Mites
A Iparraguirre, R Rodríguez-Pérez, S Juste, A Ledesma, I Moneo, ML Caballero
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Practitioner’s Corner

Compound Allergy to an Antihemorrhoidal Ointment Demonstrated by the Repeated Open Application Test
MA Gonzalo-Garijo, R Pérez-Calderón, A Chaves-Alvarez, I Pérez-Rangel, I Rodríguez-Nevado
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Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis Due to Isoamyl-p-Methoxycinnamate
S Monzón, T Abós, D Sáenz, N Pérez-Cinto, R Montijano, AM Solano
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Successful Treatment of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Candidiasis With a Recombinant Anti–Immunoglobulin E Antibody
D González de Olano, E González-Mancebo, M Gandolfo Cano, A Meléndez Baltanás, V Valeri-Busto, MA Racionero, E Prats, JR Donado Uña
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Use of a Short Messaging Service System to Provide Information About Airborne Pollen Concentrations and Forecasts
MA Gonzalo-Garijo, R Tormo-Molina, I Silva Palacios, R Pérez-Calderón, S Fernández-Rodríguez
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Immediate Hypersensitivity to Latex in the Absence of Demonstrable Specific Immunoglobulin E
S Noorani, A Richter, M Fenn, G Read, A Huissoon, P Williams, A Williams, MT Krishna
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Anaphylaxis to Mango Fruit and Crossreactivity With Artemisia vulgaris Pollen
R Silva, C Lopes, E Castro, J Ferraz de Oliveira, B Bartolomé, MG Castel-Branco
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