Issue 5, Volume 18, 2008

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Comments on the Classification of Allergic Rhinitis According to the ARIA Guidelines 2008
A Valero, R Mu
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Immunologic Responses to Therapeutic Biologic Agents
RT Purcell, RF Lockey
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Original Articles

Quality of Life in Patients With Persistent Allergic Rhinitis Treated With Montelukast Alone or in Combination With Levocetirizine or Desloratadine
M Ciebiada, M Gorska Ciebiada, T Kmiecik, LM DuBuske, P Gorski
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Study of Hypersensitivity Reactions and Anaphylaxis During Anesthesia in Spain
T Lobera, MT Audicana, MD Pozo, A Blasco, E Fern
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Allergen-Sensitization Increases Mast-Cell Expression of the Exocytotic Proteins SNAP-23 and Syntaxin 4, Which Are Involved In Histamine Secretion
E Salinas, A Quintanar-Stephano, LE C
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Antioxidant Enzyme Activity and Malondialdehyde Concentration in the Plasma and Erythrocytes of Patients With Urticaria Induced by Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
A Kasperska-Zajac, Z Brzoza, B Rogala, R Polaniak, E Birkner
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Association of Polymorphisms in the Mast Cell Chymase Gene Promoter Region (-1903 G/A) and (TG)n(GA)m Repeat Downstream of the Gene With Bronchial Asthma in Children
EM Hossny, NH Amr, SB Elsayed, RA Nasr, EM Ibraheim
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Two Routes for Pollen Entering Indoors: Ventilation and Clothes
Y Takahashi, K Takano, M Suzuki, S Nagai, M Yokosuka, T Takeshita, A Saito, H Yasueda, T Enomoto
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Oral Desensitization in Children With Cow’s Milk Allergy
L Zapatero, E Alonso, V Fuentes, MI Mart
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Intranasal Delivery of T-bet Modulates the Profile of Helper T Cell Immune Responses in Experimental Asthma
SY Wang, M Yang, XP Xu, GF Qiu, J Ma, SJ Wang, XX Huang, HX Xu
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Case Report

Detection of a Novel Allergen in Raw Tomato
R Asero, G Mistrello, D Roncarolo, S Amato, R Arcidiacono, D Fortunato
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Cyclical Hypereosinophilia With Skin Manifestations and a Clonal T Cell Population
P Gonz
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Systemic Dermatitis due to Tetrazepam
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Short Communications and Brief Case Notes

Anaphylaxis Due to Methylprednisolone
MC Moreno Escobosa, S Cruz Granados, MC Moya Quesada, J Amat L
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Exposure of Grass Pollen to Volatile Organic Compounds Enhances Skin Prick Test Reactivity
J Huss-Marp, K Brockow, U Darsow, F Pfab, U Kr
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An Extremely Painful Fracture of the Metacarpus
A Puiggr
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Antigenic and Allergenic Differences Between Green and Mature Tomatoes
A Ferrer, AJ Huertas, CH Larramendi, JA Pag
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IgE-Mediated Cereal Allergy and Latent Celiac Disease
JA Torres, J Sastre, M de las Heras, J Cuesta, M Lombardero, Ledesma A
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Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma Update (ARIA 2008).The Perspective From Spain
J Mullol, A Valero, I Alobid, J Bartra, AM Navarro, T Chivato, N Khaltaev, J Bousquet
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